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Revenge Sneak Peeks and Spoilers Roundup for Episode 19: “Absolution”

Welcome home, Daniel Grayson! We hope you toughened up a bit during your stint at Riker's, because you have no idea what you're about to walk into.

In Revenge Episode 19: "Absolution," the eldest Grayson returns home after being cleared of all charges in the murder of Tyler Barrol — thanks to the "confession" and subsequent "suicide" of Victoria's inside man, Lee Moran — but the real battle has only just begun.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission launches a full-on investigation into Conrad's company, Grayson Global, after Victoria tips them off with a piece of confidential information. Tsk tsk, Connie. See what happens when you start meddling in your wife's affairs?

In the first sneak peek clip from the episode, Victoria makes it clear as Waterford crystal she won't succumb to Conrad's emotional torture, as she looks creepily at her lover's unfinished painting. Better watch your back, Mr. G — hell hath no fury like a Hamptons woman scorned!

While Connie and Vicky suit up for battle (in their best Brooks Brothers, we'd imagine), Charlotte Grayson gets a hold of an old photo of her biological father, David Clarke, taken on the day he died in jail — April 22, 2002.

Charlotte shows the picture to Emily Thorne, who notices that David's writing in a journal, one that she's never seen before. What new information could this journal contain? And perhaps more importantly, where the heck is it?

Naturally, the first person Emily attacks questions about the journal is good old Nolan Ross, who claims it wasn't in the Infinity Box when he delivered it to her the day she was released from juvie.

It's too bad Emily's standing right behind him, because Nolan's got David's little black book in his hands. Oops?

Whatever Nolan's been hiding in that journal ultimately leads Emily to the Graysons' former secretary, Carol Miller (played by guest star Tess Harper).

Just when we thought Ms. Thorne had forgotten about her dearly betrothed, she breaks for a hot second to accompany him home from Riker's Island.

You'd think Daniel would be more excited, but he's too distraught by the media firestorm that's ensued since his release, not to mention the amateur graffiti artist who spray painted the word "murderer" on Emily's S-Class.

Instead of lying low while the storm dies down, Emily suggests that Daniel face the press head on. Wonder if Ashley can book him Diane Sawyer?

Speaking of the Graysons' party planner-turned-PR-prodigy … Ashley informs Victoria that she's been offered a position at Mr. Brooks' law firm and plans to peace the eff out.

Oh, Ashley, you silly girl. You know way too much already, and Victoria doesn't take kindly to ambitious little social climbers like yourself. It's clear that Queen V has something bigger planned for your future.

As for Daniel's future, it all hangs on his post-prison press tour.

In his first televised interview, he attempts to set the record straight with a detailed account of what actually happened the night Tyler Barrol was killed — or at least what he can remember. He also stands by his statement that one's wealth and prestige should not automatically grant immunity. In other words — you do the crime, you do the time.

My, Daniel, you are beginning to sound an awful lot like Emily Thorne. One might even say you're headed to the dark side.

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