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Glee Season 4: Quinn Might Not Be Back! Dianna Agron’s Future Seems VERY Uncertain

For the record, we still don’t have an official announcement as to whether or not Dianna Agron (Quinn) will be back for Glee Season 4. There are still only three actors officially confirmed: Lea Michele (Rachel), Chris Colfer (Kurt), and Cory Monteith (Finn).

Still, based on all the new info emerging, we’d say that poor Dianna’s chances of sticking around another year are looking slimmer and slimmer by the moment!

First of all, there’s the fact that Quinn is a graduating senior. She’s headed away from McKinley — and her new home base of New Haven, Connecticut, will be hours away from Season 4’s possible secondary show location NYC. The chances of working her into either location seem pretty slim.

On top of that, when co-star Jane Lynch (Sue) spoke with E! Online at Glee’s TV Academy on May 1, the actress gave some pretty convincing evidence that Quinn might be off the show for good.

Jane is currently filming Glee’s big Season 3 finale, and she even mentioned that she just filmed her last scene with Dianna.

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"It caught me by surprise. It was kind of emotional doing my last scene with Dianna, and it really just caught me by surprise at how moving it was. She is just amazing and just a really nice person too. It was like saying goodbye to Dianna, which is a sad thing to do."

Wait a second. If Dianna’s coming back next year, there’d be little reason to get so emotional over “saying goodbye.” But if she really is leaving for good... that’s a different story.

Of course, none of this is confirming anything. Jane could simply be talking about an end-of-season goodbye, not a final one. That’s what we’re hoping for, anyway!

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Yet based on a recent tweet from Dianna herself, signs seem to indicate that her departure from Glee could be much more permanent. In a tweet on April 30 — just days ago — Dianna announced that she was donating over $12,000 to The Trevor Project. She wrote, "Glad I had a job so that I can match all of your GENEROUS donations to @TrevorProject! What a gift you all, over 12,000! Wonderful."

Glad she HAD a job? Not have?! Look, we know it could be just a simple mistake in typing, but you can still consider us sufficiently freaked out.

What do you think: Is Dianna really be written off Glee next season? We can barely even stand to ponder the thought!

Source: E! Online, Twitter

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