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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Talks April/Jackson Hook-Up and Boards Drama – Exclusive

In an event that fans would classify as “a long time coming”, April Kepner (Sarah Drew) finally hooked up with best friend Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) on last week’s episode of Grey's Anatomy. April kissed her virginity goodbye, and all seemed well…until it wasn’t. Her hasty decision will come back to haunt the Chief Resident on tonight’s episode (Season 8, Episode 22: “Let the Bad Times Roll”) when she and the other doctors from Seattle Grace-Mercy West take their medical boards. As we know, one doctor will fail – but is this event enough to make April completely unravel?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Sarah Drew in an exclusive new interview about what’s next for April and what her surprise declaration of Christianity will mean for her character.

Wetpaint Entertainment: The doctors are taking their boards, and while we were initially expecting two characters to be on the edge, no one seems to be going in totally confident.
Sarah Drew: No. You'll see. It's really fun. Everybody has their own drama in the board. At the end of the episode you'll still be guessing which one failed, because it’s revealed that one of the Seattle Grace doctors fails. Based on how everybody does in the boards, you really don't know until the very last moment who that actually happened to. Everyone's going through their own personal drama.

What's going to happen with April?
A little bit more melt down. She’s a little unhinged for these two episodes. It's really fun actually. There's more that happens in the April/Jackson story line that's really fun and really interesting. There's more that comes out about April's faith.

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What do you think of that storyline?
I think it's handled really well in kind of a unique way that isn’t done on television very often. It just makes me really happy because I think it's done with sensitivity and grace, and it's fun at the same time and interesting. All that stuff is really cool.

I didn’t see her love for Jesus coming. April almost slept with Karev, and her faith didn’t come up then. I thought her circumstance was a “lack of opportunity, can’t find the right guy”, kind of thing.
That's what I thought too. When I read that line at the table read, I went up to Shonda, and I was like, are we going to make fun of this Christianity thing because that's what every TV show does? And she's like, “No, no, no.”

We're really excited to tell a story about someone who takes their faith really seriously. And it's an attractive thing. It's not a negative thing. It's a good thing. And it's something that adds complexity to who she is. It was really fun to have that conversation with Shonda and realize that we get to tell a much more interesting version of a character who's a Christian than what’s usually done on television.

So you were surprised as well?
I didn't see it coming. And, it's totally true that she did almost hook up with Karev a year before. But you know, people who have that kind of faith, it's very complex. It's not black and white.

People make decisions to wait until marriage, and then an opportunity arises. And hormones take over and you kind of just go with what's happening.

I think it's still realistic that she almost did it before, and then she was probably super relieved that she hadn't gone through with it, after the fact. And I think it's also interesting because April's been working in a field surrounded by scientists who base everything on empirical data, and having someone who has a faith which is not based on empirical data, but based on something that's unseen – it's a really interesting story. It makes sense that she wouldn't have revealed it before.

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