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Revenge Recap of Season 1, Episode 19: “Absolution”

After weeks of meditating by the ocean and doodling double infinity signs onto our notebooks, our prayers have been answered: Daniel Grayson is a free man! But whoa there, everyone. Just because Daniel's out of the clink, doesn't mean the drama's over.

There are loads of people Emily still needs to cross off her Revenge list — starting with this week's newest target … the "white-haired man!"

Winter Is Coming

Emily's reeling from the discovery that Conrad had David Clarke killed, and she's taken to staring at her father's grave in snowy sadness. This vigilante is more desperate than ever to fit the pieces together (read: she spends most of this episode looking totally crazy), and it looks like Charlotte and her drug-addled self might come in handy.

Char's researching her dad's life in an effort to become closer to his memory, and in the process she discovers a photo of her pops hidden in Victoria's jewelry box.

Emily can barely contain her revenge-induced drool when she sees the snapshot of her dad, mostly because he's writing in a mysterious journal. And, duh, it's Moleskine — how could you even ask?

So, where is said journal? Em catches her buddy Nolan trying to hide it later that day, but he claims to be protecting Emily from David Clarke's delusional ramblings. Obviously, she pushes him up against a wall as punishment for crossing her, but don't worry — Nolan was wearing a protective sweater vest at the time. Phew!

Now that Emily has her dad's notebook, it's time for a flashback! Join us as we take a trip down memory lane to the day David was shivved by a U.S. Marshall — wherein Emily discovers that her pops was besties with some lady named Carol Miller.

Clearly, David's diary is full of all kinds of juicy evidence, and after some "GoquestGo" searching (Really, ABC? Couldn't spring for the rights to use Google?) and a quick trip to the morgue, Em finds out that Carol faked her death!

Meanwhile, Jack has finally realized just how powerful the Graysons are, and he's worried about Emily marrying into the family. He shows up on Em's porch for one of their nightly fire side eye-sexing sessions, and is just about to confess that he was on the beach the night Tyler died when Em gets an unexpected phone call. Daniel's out of jail!

The 99 Percent

Smell that Daniel? That's the scent of Ralph Lauren, hundred dollar bills, and recently slaughtered lobster. In other words, the stench of freedom. After spending weeks sleeping on non-organic cotton, Daniel is fresh outta jail — but his poetic spirit is crushed.

Daniel's become quite troubled and introspective, mostly because everyone who reads The New York Times hates him. Townies are spray-painting "murderer" on his sweet wheels, #occupydaniel is trending on Twitter — basically, people haven't been this upset since Bradley Cooper was crowned Sexiest Man Alive over Ryan Gosling.

In other news, we thought the departure of Dominik and his "art" would get Victoria's head back in the Hamptons game, but lady is still high on his patchouli scented body fumes. She's taken to mooning over Dominik's unfinished portrait, and wants nothing more than to exact revenge on Conrad for kicking her lover out of town. First up? Taking down Grayson Global.

Victoria meets up with a handsome SEC fella named Mr. McGowen, and after he grants her full immunity they begin their investigation into Conrad's company. But Connie isn't done for yet! WhenAshley gets fired from a gig with the family lawyer, Conrad gives her a job at Grayson Global in the hopes that she'll salvage the company. We have a feeling girlfriend will be great at killing people!

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Mistaken Identity

Hold onto your caviar — things are about to get realer than Daniel's six-pack. Emily books it over to Massachusetts to get some answers from Carol Miller, and let's just say she's in for the surprise of her life. Turns out, Carol was Conrad Grayson's personal secretary –– and oh, she's also Nolan's aunt! Cue fainting spell.

As Emily jaw-drops in the most robotic way possible, Nolan explains that Carol introduced him to David Clarke, and that the three of them worked together to exonerate him. Nolan planned to visit David in prison with proof of his innocence, but David had already been killed by the time Nolan got there.

Apparently, Nolan faked Carol's death to protect her from Conrad –– but before she began her life on the lam, she saw Connie hang with a white-haired man who likely killed David Clarke. Oh, by the way? Almost all the above information was revealed during an amazing flashback in which Nolan's hair was dramatically swept back in a coif.

So, what's our boy Jack up to? He's more determined than ever to do the right thing (has he learned nothing from living in the Hamptons?), so he heads over to Daniel's pool house and comes clean about being at the beach the night Tyler died. Jack even tells Danny Boy that the Graysons planted his hoodie in Lee's car! Uh-oh, guys. Daniel's brows are furrowed, and that can only mean one thing: trouble. Well, two things: trouble and binge drinking.

A Rose By Any Other Name

After Jack's late-night visit, Daniel wanders over to his parents' house in a studly stupor to demand the truth from his dad. Emily listens in as Conrad finally gives Daniel a full confession about Victoria having Daniel beaten up in jail, Lee's murder, and the framing of David Clarke.

Poor Daniel is consumed with guilt about his family's nefarious past, but he decides to give a candid interview with the media to gain support from the masses. Sorry, Em — Daniel puts family first, just like you!

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Meanwhile, Daniel's little sis is still high on pills, so naturally Declan (affectionately dubbed "wharf rat") narcs on her, and she's suspended from school. Way to go, buddy — now Nolan has to front your tuition. Of course, Victoria's concerned about her deadbeat daughter, so she takes Charlotte to David Clarke's grave for a bonding session and they discover the rose Emily left for her pops. Oops!

Speaking of Emily, girlfriend has a new plan — she's going to marry Daniel, track down the man who killed her father, and pop him full of lead. Sounds like great material for an epic season finale!

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