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Revenge Sneak Peek: Jack Tells Emily Not to Marry Daniel!

What's the worst thing about being locked behind bars at Riker's Island (aside from those hideous orange jumpsuits, of course)? Leaving your girlfriend behind to develop an even stronger bond with the scruffy bar owner you suspect she's banging.

Poor Daniel Grayson. Little does he know that while he awaits exoneration, Jack and Emily are sharing their deepest, darkest secrets in the warmth of Emily's beachside estate.

In this intriguing sneak peek from tonight's brand-new episode of Revenge, Jack drops by to get something off his chest.

"It's kind of amazing, the way it all worked out, don't you think?" he says, referring to his bloody hoodie that was found in Lee Moran's car before he "confessed" to the murder of Tyler Barrol.

Jack might be poor, but he's definitely not stupid. He knows full well that his blood-soaked hoodie didn't just magically float away and land in Lee's backseat — it was planted there, strategically, to get the prosecution off Daniel's back.

Emily's not about to reveal that she's the one who beat the crap out of Lee, made a copy of his key, and tossed the sweatshirt in the car, so she plays dumb. When she asks Jack to elaborate, he flat-out tells Emily to think long and hard before saying "I do."

"There's some things you might want to think about before marrying into that family," he says. "Emily, there's something I need to tell you."

Aw, shucks, Jack. It's rather cute that you'd go through all that trouble to warn Emily about the dangers of the great and powerful Graysons. We're sure she'll be shocked.

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05.3.2012 / 12:03 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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