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Should Emily Go Through With Her Marriage to Daniel on Revenge?

"You're still wearing it," Daniel says in tonight's episode of Revenge, noticing the huge champagne-colored Cartier rock on Emily's ring finger. "Of course I am. Why, are you having second thoughts?" she asks.

Ah, the portrait of a happy couple, right? Not so much.

When Daniel sits down for his first televised interview since his exoneration in the murder of Tyler Barrol, he has the chance to end it all by revealing the truth about his father's involvement with the crash of Flight 197. But instead of clearing David Clarke's name, he sides with Grayson Global, knowing full well the company funneled money to the terrorists who brought down the plane.

The crazed look on Emily's face says it all. But will she call off the wedding now that her fiance is fraternizing with the enemy? Not unless hell freezes over.

With her new white-haired target — the man who shanked her dad to death in the prison yard — Emily's more focused than ever. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if she moved the wedding date up. The sooner she can get inside access to Grayson Global, the better. Plus, we've heard East Hampton is lovely in the springtime.

But is Emily taking this whole revenge thing a bit too far? Is she morally justified in entering a sham marriage to take down (read: murder) the man who killed her father?

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05.3.2012 / 10:19 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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