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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Episode 19: “What Are You Staring At, Wharf Rat?”

This week's episode of Revenge was packed with even more quotables than usual, and we've rounded up the top 10for you to look back on!

It goes without saying that you should wear a giant cowlneck sweater while you read these quotes — some of them will chill you to the bone!

10. Nolan wanders into Emily's house: "Let me guess, you’re working on your wedding invite list."

More like burn book, but same difference.

9. Conrad gazes at Dominik's painting: "Well, it’s not exactly Dominik's best work. A little half-assed if you ask me."

Much like Dom's efforts in menswear.

8. Charlotte's boyfriend spies Declan: "What are you staring at, wharf rat?"

Excuse us while we laugh hysterically.

7. Nolan prepares for the big reveal: "Tell her about the white-haired man."

Gandalf, is that you?

6. Nolan chats to Jack: "Contrary to popular belief, I do have a multi-national company to run."

Mo' money, mo' problems, Nolan.

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5. Charlotte rebels against Victoria: "I guess we can add teen pill-popper to the Grayson book of shame."

Book? How about epic novel.

4. Daniel's interviewer psychs him out: "Occupy Daniel is even trending on Twitter."

Right before "I Will Always Be A Little Monster." Basically, Daniel's more famous than Lady Gaga.

3. Conrad preps Ashley for the new job: "From this point forward, our hands will be intertwined."

Uhm, pass!

2. Daniel self-reflects: "What if the man I am is no better than my DNA?"

Sounds like the first verse of a beautiful poem, Daniel.

1. Conrad eye-rolls at Ashley: "What both you and Victoria have yet to grasp is just how little she means to anyone."

Except for us. Love you, Victoria!

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