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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 18: Catherine “Offended” by Results, Reveals How Tyra Changed the Game – Exclusive

Another modelstant bit the dust on America's Next Top Model (Cycle 18, Episode 9: “Barney Cheng”): “Queen” Catherine Thomas, who charmed us with her proper English accent and pale princess skin. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Catherine in an exclusive interview to find out why Laura seems so angry, what “offended” her about this cycle, and what Tyra Banks did differently this season that may have changed the results entirely.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your initial reaction to being eliminated?
Catherine: It was awful, if I’m honest. As soon as my picture came up in panel I knew that I was going. I kind of felt disappointed because I do feel like I did do better than that. The picture they chose for me, as you know I was crying on the set, but the picture they chose wasn’t of me crying, so I thought I did better. I was disappointed and sad and not very happy.

So you were surprised by the picture they chose?
I sort of felt like that picture was before I was even looking at the camera, I don’t think I even knew the photoshoot had started. No one said “Go,” so I was kind of offended. I know I’m being kicked out of the competition and I’ve got so much more to give. I’m so much more than that, Tyra even said that, she said, “Oh you’re so much better than this.” I’m like, “I know! I wish you could see that.” So I’m kind of disappointed.

You went much further on Britain’s Top Model. What do you think went wrong?
Before I came into the competition, I was really worried. I had that pressure, I came in second before, I didn’t want to get eliminated first, second, that would have been awful. I’m glad I made it overseas. I do feel like I had Tyra’s full support throughout the competition. She was always being really nice to me and supporting me. I do feel like Kelly [Cutrone], she was against me. She had her favorites, and she was against me straight away and it’s hard to get far in the competition when you don’t have judges on your side. So I do think that if I had them on my side and I had good pictures shown of me, then I think I would have made it further. I don’t have any regrets or anything.

What do you mean when you say Kelly was “against” you?
I just don’t think she ever really supported me, or gave me good feedback. I do think she had her favorites from day one, and supported them 100 per cent and made sure they stayed. And she’s got a strong voice on panel I think, so I think a lot of the judges listened to her and even though Tyra really stood by me, with differing opinions, it’s hard for me to stay longer than I did. It was a shame really. I would have loved to have won.

Who were you closest to in the house?
I really got along with Alisha, she was my closest friend there. We had such a laugh together just sort of playing pranks and doing stupid things together, so she’s got my support now. I think she’s also being real, she’s not being fake. I don’t think she’s being anything different other than herself. I think she’s amazing.

Were you surprised by anything while watching the show?
With the girls, we all got on really well, so I was happy with what was shown there. I didn’t really get shown much in the show which is kind of a bit disappointing. I did so much more than what was shown. I promise I’m not a boring person, there’s so much more to me than what was shown. What surprised me the most was Kelly’s comments. Apparently I haven’t got a very good walk because she was like, the day we had those catwalk challenges, she was just so nice to everybody, and then said shit about you behind your back and I was just like, “Oh, I don’t think I have an awful walk, I got three out of four shows, I can’t be that bad.”

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What was your least favorite photoshoot?
Probably the one where we had to be on the table with Estelle in the background (Cycle 18, Episode 7: "Estelle"). There was so much going on, like the table was so slippery, you couldn’t really stand because you might fall over, and you couldn’t go over all the way because your head wouldn’t be in the shot, and you have to worry about your bum, and then you had to worry about Estelle in the background because she was trying to be in the shot too, and then the other girls, there was just so much going on, I hated it.

Should Alisha have gone home instead of you?
I don’t think I deserved to go home, I think I had so much more to give. I don’t feel like the shots were chosen for me [were good], for a couple of weeks now, so I felt like I was slowly but surely being taken down. But I didn’t think Alisha should have been in the bottom two. I think people like Eboni (should have), they’d been getting bad feedback for weeks now.

Do you think Eboni is the weakest?
Let me think ... Yeah I think she’s one of them. You never know, Alisha’s trying, but she’s so up and down as well. And Annaliese, they find her too commercial all the time, so you never know what the judges are going to say about them.

Who were Kelly’s “favorites”?
If you watch, she always gives really great feedback to Laura, and Sophie. She supported them. I think she told Laura she looked like a rock star from day one, she really liked her. So it’s hard to impress them all when they’ve already made their minds up. She’s always saying that she’s trying not to like Annaliese, but she’s always doing good, so if someone’s doing good, you should give them praise for it.

Was there any drama in the house that we didn’t see?
The main drama was still between Laura and Kyle, and Laura and Eboni. I think Laura was just angry with people. I think she was taking her worries about the competition out on people.

Did you think the judges were fair?
Sometimes I do think the pictures that are chosen aren’t true representations of what actually happened. I think I would get such a great response one week because of one shot. You never know what else there was to pick. I did find that Mr. Jay [Manuel]’s comments really conflicted with the judges comments when we got to panel. So it was hard to know where you stood, you’d walk into the room and never know if you’ll be loved or hated.

I wish Tyra chose the pictures like last time, in past cycles. That was one thing I was really looking forward to, one of the main reasons I decided to do the competition, because I thought she’s such an interesting person, if she chose the pictures and saw our potential, she could further our career. But she never really knew what we did.

You’re sure she never picked?
Yeah, she told us.

Catch the next episode of ANTM Cycle 18 on Wednesday, May 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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