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Glee Season 3 Speculation: Will Brittany Graduate?

Update: Glee is filming the senior graduation ceremony today, May 3, and we're reading reports on Twitter that Brittany is NOT among the group of graduating seniors. From what we've read, she's sitting in the audience. Nothing's confirmed, of course. But this does not sound promising!

Glee recently launched a billboard in New York City's Times Square — and we couldn't help but notice something very unusual about the new display.

You see, the billboard shows each of McKinley's graduating seniors decked out in their bright red caps and gowns. Well, all except for one. Brittany (Heather Morris) is nowhere in sight!

We've double-checked our list of who's a senior, and all except Brit appear to be present and accounted for. We know she's supposed to be graduating — you can’t win a successful bid for senior class president if you're only a junior — so what gives?

Since it seems highly suspicious that Glee would purposely leave Brit and only Brit out of their ad, we've got to ask: Will Britney fail to graduate?

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It would not exactly be the most shocking thing to ever happen. We're talking about a girl who thinks that the capital of Ohio is "O," after all. She probably isn't exactly acing those final exams.

Honestly, though, we wouldn't be particularly heartbroken if Brit had to repeat a grade. That just means an excuse to keep her on Glee for another year. Of course, this could potentially make things more difficult for her relationship with Santana (Naya Rivera), who is still graduating.

And a future without Brittana sounds like a very scary future, indeed.

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05.4.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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