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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Says April-Jackson Relationship Could “Go Either Way” – Exclusive

Now that April (Sarah Drew) has lost her virginity (and then some) to Jackson (Jesse Williams), will the best friends have a chance at a real romantic relationship on Grey's Anatomy?
Sarah teased Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview, “there's totally hope, but I think it could play either way.”

In the Season 8 episode, “Moment of Truth,” inexperienced April lost her inhibitions and jumped into bed with Jackson on the eve of their doctors’ board exams. The Seattle Grace resident’s vulnerable look afterwards, however, left it unclear whether the hookup could be the beginning of a romance or the end of a beautiful friendship. If last night’s episode, “Let the Bad Times Roll,” is any indication, frequent hookups are in store while the twosome figure that out.

No matter what happens, Sarah is sure the besties will stay close. The impulsive sexual encounter “could potentially put a dent in their relationship, but I think that their friendship is so deep and so solid, that regardless of whether the romance happens or not, their friendship is going to last,” the actress told Wetpaint. “And we'll see that begin to unpack over the next few episodes, but I think the one thing that really remains steady is that they have a deep care and concern and love for one another on a friendship level — I mean, because she goes out on a limb and reveals this very deep personal thing to him that she hasn't told anybody before. Soalready, there's this vulnerability that they have with one another that is pretty special.”

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Sarah also revealed that she and Jesse wouldn’t have been as believable without the help of their co-star, Chandra Wilson, who directed the pivotal episode. “It was so great because Jesse and I, when we read it, we were like, ‘wait a second. This is coming out of the blue. All of a sudden, she's just going to jump all over him, and we haven't even like teased it or moved in that direction as characters?’ And I thought Chandra described it really well as we were working on the scenes, which was [that] she's a grown‑up. She's not a kid anymore, and she's like, hopped up on adrenaline. But also, she knows that this person is her best friend. So she's just ready — she just decided to dive in and deal with the fallout afterwards.”

Sarah hopes everyone returns to Grey’s next season, and fans will get to see the relationship develop even more. “I think the hope is for it to be a really interesting journey and wrought with conflict and emotion, but also joy and happiness mixed in there as well as most Grey's Anatomy shows are — and most Grey's Anatomy's relationships are!” she said. “You've got to have the drama, and you've got to have happiness.”

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