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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore’s Sammi Launches Sexy Sweetheart Fitness Line, Talks Reality Fame

Despite what Jersey Shore’s producers would have us believe when watching the show, life has changed in big ways for the eight GTL-loving castmates. And although she may not be the most high-profile roommate, Sammi Sweetheart still has to deal with the same fame-related problems as Snooki and Pauly D.

“The most difficult part is not having a private life,” Sammi told the Gloucester County Times of her rising notoriety. “Like, you can’t go to the store without being recognized.”Still, she tries to maintain a relatively normal life when away from the cameras. “I definitely play soccer every week and try to keep life as normal as I can,” Sammi says.

On the flip side, fame has been a blessing for her brand-wise. Two new additions to the Sammi product bin include line of workout clothes called Sexy Sweetheart (“sports bras, yoga pants and jackets,” she says), and her own custom-made iPhone cases, “handmade with crystals, individually made for everybody.”

Sammi says that everything about her life changes once she gets back to the Jersey Shore to film Season 6 this summer. “When we’re filming, it’s 24/7,” she says. “We don’t have computers or anything, we are being filmed 24/7 for a month. When we aren’t filming, we do everything to promote the show, plus we hang out with each other a lot.”

Here’s hoping the show’s producers don’t try to hide the stars’ fame in Season 6. Seeing how each castmate has dealt with the changes could make for a far more interesting season.

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05.4.2012 / 11:57 PM EDT by Sarah Korones
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