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Seamus Dever Teases Castle’s Season 4 Finale: Ryan and Esposito’s Relationship Will Be Tested – Exclusive!

Castle's much-hyped-about Season 4 finale "Always" is right around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited (read: biting our nails in fangirl anticipation). Although much of the focus is currently on Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, we can't ignore Castle's other dynamic duo: Detective Ryan and Detective Esposito.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with series star Seamus Dever, who dished about what's in store for our favorite wise-cracking sidekicks.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We've got to talk about the big finale!

Seamus Dever: Yeah. A lot of stuff happens. It was a big episode to shoot. It was so big that we went over the allotted eight days, and it was more like 10 days for me, at least. I only wrapped last week, and I did ADR [dubbing] on Tuesday. So, yeah, I just finished.

What happened to make it go past eight days? Are there big action sequences?

Yeah. There's some action stuff that happens. So whenever you do the action stuff, you've got to film little parts and little things. I feel like we shot the same scene for about three days. So it's big.

Rob Bowman’s directing it. He's our best director. He's a wonderful director, and he really wanted to get the most out of it. He took his time with the things where he really felt it needed it, and I think people are going to like it.

Aside from that, the writing's great. Some crazy stuff happens. Stuff that, I guess, we can recover from, but some interesting shifts in relationships. So I think for one relationship, the audience is going to be real happy, and I think for another relationship, they're going to be devastated. So it's going to be interesting to see how people respond.

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Wow. Let's take this in increments then. I heard you tease earlier that Esposito and Ryan's relationship is going to go through something shocking. And I'm hoping that's not the word you're attaching devastated to.

I can't say. I think you'll see it. I think that would be hinting too much. When you see it, you'll be like, “Oh, that's what he meant.”

For Ryan, there's been a question that was left open-ended from last season's finale. And I think it's important that we're finally getting back to addressing it because I think there was a line sort of divided in the finale last year. And I think it's going to come back, and Ryan and Esposito find themselves on either side of that line. They both make choices, and that affects the relationship.

I assume this opens up a whole other story line for next season? Does it seem like you guys will get a little more to do, maybe?

I hope so. Jon and I are always very hopeful of doing exactly that. We've been lobbying and suggesting and pleading and cajoling and urging for a long time now, and there's been some progress made on Ryan and Esposito this season.

There could always be more, and I think that leaves this for things that could happen next season because it will end in a way that people will be like going, "Oh, crap. What now?" And that's sort of what you want for a cliffhanger finale. So some stuff happens that Ryan and Esposito are going to have to work out next season, yeah, for sure.

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What is the emotional cliffhanger?

You'll see. There's something interesting. We all make choices about right and wrong and what our right is, doing the right thing. And we find Esposito and Ryan on different sides and having different opinions about things. So some stuff happens.

Any hope that Jenny might return?

I think she'll be back. Of course, we're a married couple. I'd like to see some progress in that. We show some things outside of our life in the precinct. I think that's always a lot of fun, and I think the audience gets a kick out of seeing our lives outside of the precinct, as much as we can cram in there with still getting back to that whole murder thing.

That pesky crime that must be solved?

That pesky procedural thing, yeah.

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