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The Voice

The Voice Finalist Tony Lucca to Christina Aguilera: Thanks For Making Me a Fighter! – Exclusive

The four remaining contestants from The Voice Season 2 hit the stage at Universal Studios in Hollywood yesterday, May 3, 2012, to perform for their fans, and Wetpaint Entertainment was there to catch up with them, just days before the finale.

It's been a tough road for former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca, who has experienced his fair share of criticism from coach and former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Christina Aguilera. Will he be able to rise above and declare another victory for Team Adam Levine?

Wetpaint Entertainment: On this show they’ll throw things at you, and you just have to go with it. Are you ready for anything?

Tony Lucca: At this point, yes. There’s very little that can stump us now. It’s like a marathon. If you’re running a marathon and all of sudden in the last couple of miles it started to downpour, you wouldn’t stop running. You wouldn’t even run faster.

Chris Mann mentioned he has two songs he’s been saving. Do you have something left in your arsenal that you’ve been saving?

For me, since Christina [Aguilera]’s whole one-dimensional comment — again, which I don’t fault her for, and have come to really appreciate her saying, because it’s caused me to take a turn and evolve a bit on the show, way more than I anticipated.

So instead of going back into some wheelhouse of songs I know I can sing, it’s been more of an experimentation, me and Adam exploring songs that push me to new levels that I didn’t see coming.

So instead of angering you her comments have pushed you further?

Yeah, I mean, the crazy thing is that through the music I’m able to make my case. I can defend myself. Because you can’t argue. You can’t shout back when someone’s shouting at you and have any lasting effect or come to any resolution.

She’s in a fortunate position because she’s a revered coach and the voice of a generation and, in my opinion, probably the most knowledgeable of the four of them on the subject if singing, but unfortunately for her I have the microphone each week and can find a very creative way to do it through music.
So it’s been a fun exchange for me. Nothing petty, but it keeps it interesting, that’s for sure.

Are you ready to leave behind the Mousketeer thing and the “feuding”?

Yes! We are hopefully going to put the whole Mouse Club thing to bed for good.

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You won this week, but America had voted to keep Katrina Parker. What does that mean for Monday?

I think it means raising voter awareness again, and getting people out there to realize that it’s all or nothing now. If you’re ever going to vote, now’s the time. I don’t want to say I’m the underdog going into the Top 4 because I’ve certainly had enough spotlight and attention on my story, and America’s voted me through so much that I am so grateful for what I have already, but now it’s time to make sure that we can every last vote possible and hopefully lock away winning.

What can we expect on Monday?

Fireworks. Dynamite. Explosions. Hardhats sold separately.

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05.4.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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