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The Vampire Diaries

Top 20 Quotes from The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 21, “Before Sunset”

One thing we’ll never say about The Vampire Diaries: “You took the words right out of our mouths.” Elena and the gang utter things we’d never dream of saying — or at least hope we never have to. Without further ado, here are the top 20 notable quotables from this week’s episode, “Before Sunset.”

20. Could you be a bit more optimistic?
Stefan: Abby just showed up.
Klaus: Good. Perhaps this plan won’t be an epic failure after all.

19. Is that too much to ask?
Jeremy (to Stefan): Why don’t you do the right thing and give us one day — just one day without any vampires in it?

18. True that!
Tyler: Real love is stronger than fake loyalty.

17. Technically, it’s true
Rebekah: You’re supposed to be dead.
Alaric: I am.

16. Setting him straight
Stefan (to Klaus): Damon and I have been through a hell of a lot worse than you.

15. Who let the dog out?
Tyler: I’m not your little bitch anymore.

14. Isn’t it ironic?
Klaus (to Stefan and Damon): Poor lad. He loses one questionable father figure only to be replaced by the likes of the two of you.

13. One for the road
Klaus: I just need to pick up a few road trip necessities. Spare tire. Flashlight. Doppelganger.
Damon: Can’t help you there.

12. One more time
Alaric: How many times do I have to tell you Elena? Stop trusting vampires!

11. How you like them odds?
Stefan: Unfortunately if Alaric kills you, there’s a one in four chance that we die too.
Damon: I’ll take those odds.
Stefan: And there’s a 100 percent chance that Tyler dies.
Damon: I can live with that too.

Credit: Annette Brown/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    

10. That’s not exactly what she meant
Alaric: Isn’t this what you wanted Elena — for me to teach you how to kill a vampire? Well, here’s a vampire, Elena. Kill her.

9. Will she or won’t she
Bonnie: Relax. Abby will be here.
Damon: I’m sorry. I forgot about her stellar track record in the dependability department.
Bonnie: Jamie said she was coming. Okay. Just give her time. [Doorbell rings.]
Damon: Don’t get your hopes up. It might be a girl scout.

8. Fun for whom?
Klaus: Sweet dreams Elena. It’s been fun.

7. Real talk
Bonnie: You turned your back on me for 16 years. You have no idea what I can handle.

6. Good question. Even better answer.
Elena: Why are you doing this?
Alaric: Because you need me. Because you’re an 18-year-old girl without parents or guidance or any sense of right and wrong anymore.

5. ‘Ric calls 'em like he sees 'em
Alaric (to Stefan and Damon): You two better get to doing what you do best: Saving Elena’s life.

4. Don’t play buddy-buddy now
Klaus: Just between us girls: Who would you have picked?
Elena: Rot in hell.

3. Adios mon hybrid
Klaus (to Tyler): So much for that sire bond.

2. Bonds are meant to be broken
Klaus: How did you break the sire bond?
Tyler: By breaking every bone in my body 100 times for the girl I love.

1. Let’s hear it for our girl
Damon: All this over one girl.
Stefan: She’s a pretty special girl.
Damon: Yes she is.

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