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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Songs: Music From Season 3, Episode 21, “Before Sunset”

We’re genuinely concerned about Elena (Nina Dobrev) — bloodletting and tequila don’t mix. But before all that, there were some amazing moments, punctuated by perfect song choices. Thanks to Vampire Diaries music genius Chris Mollere, we had a heartfelt goodbye to both Salvatores — and some epic brotherly bonding as well. Re-listen to the memorable songs below.

Source: Chris Mollere’s Twitter

Song: “Ache”
Artist: James Carrington
Music moment: Elena falls over at the end of the episode
Isn't it strange? The way things can change; Life that you lead turned on its head; Suddenly someone means more than you felt before; House in its yard turns into hope; I'm sorry but I meant to say; Many things are on the way; This one's for you; Have I told you I ache? Have I told you I ache? Have I told you I ache; For you?

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Ache by James Carrington on Grooveshark

Song: “Act on Impulse”

Artist: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Music moment: Damon and Stefan have a heart-to-heart in the car


He died alone. He died on impact. And all this talk of death, Has really brightened up my week. And the smell of sweat, Really helps me sleep. We act alone. We act on impulse.

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Act On Impulse by We Were Promised Jetpacks on Grooveshark

Song: "Reno"

Artist: The Gods of Macho

Music moment: Jeremy and Elena get ready to paint, Stefan interrupts

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Song: "Start To Run"

Artist: Middle Class Rut


Everyone in the building; Wake up; We encompass time; If you really were melting here; That's freedom; Hit the race and start to run; Leave the weak one one far behind; The battle of love down here will heal you; You can't live on what you want alone; Oh because if you do you're gonna die alone, oh; Everyone with a problem; Stand up

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Song: "Light"

Artist: Analogue Revolution

Music moment: Elena says goodbye to Damon and Stefan

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