American Idol 2012 Contestant Skylar Laine on Her Elimination: “I Wasn’t Surprised”
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American Idol

American Idol 2012 Contestant Skylar Laine on Her Elimination: “I Wasn’t Surprised”

This season of American Idol has certainly been full of surprises. Last night, many viewers were stunned to see country maven Skylar Laine sent packing after she received the fewest votes. The singer from Brandon, Mississippi simply smiled and accepted her fate, which made it even harder to see her go.

“I wasn’t surprised,” she said of her elimination during a media conference earlier today. “You can’t be, because you never know what’s going to happen.” We didn’t realize how zen she was!

We’ve compiled her best interview tidbits below, for your reading enjoyment:

Was she surprised to leave the show? “You never know what's going to happen. This season has been really unpredictable and it’s going to keep being that way now. I was just happy to have made it as far as I have.”

Which judge would she hang out with outside of Idol? “I’d probably pick Steven to go out on a night on the town, because, you know, he’s crazy. We’d have a fun!”

The best advice she received on the show: “I’m definitely just gonna carry the advice to stay myself, don't’ let anybody change me as an artist. I’m not a pop country singer, I never will be, and I don't want anybody to try and make me one. I need to sing the kind of country that I want to sing, and that comes out when I write.”

On being Idol’s country girl: “I’ve accepted the fact that if I get to make an album and I have singles out that they're probably only going to be played on country radio, because that's just the way it is, and that's the way my songs are gonna sound. I want to make real country music, like honky tonk songs, the good ol’ country stuff. That’s what’s gonna make me happy.”

On Carrie Underwood’s praise of her: “I think that she was so sweet about it. She actually said in one of her interviews I think that the country community has already welcomed me with open arms, and that just means the world to me.”

On where she’d like to move post-Idol: “I’m gonna move to Nashville, because that’ where country music is and that's where country artists record, so that’s where I wanna be.”

On her favorite mentor: “My favorite mentor was probably Stevie Nicks. She just spent so much time the night before learning the songs and everything, she wanted to have an idea of them. She then came in the next day and had really did her homework, and it really showed that she respected us and we respected her.”

On Jimmy’s comments that she didn’t connect well with the songs during her last performance: “Fortunate Son” is a war protest song, so I didn't’ really know if I should connect to the lyrics or not. I was just kinda singing the song because I really like the melody. Sometimes you just sing the songs because you like the songs. And then Dusty Springfield, I felt like I had the darkness, I felt like I had a lot of passion, but you know jimmy always has his opinion, and he’s not where he is today without knowing a couple of things. I respect his opinion.

On the debate over Jessica’s Tina Turner dress: “I loved that dress. Jessica’s got a body to die for, she’s stick thin. Don’t we all want to be that way? I loved the dress, and if the people were offended by it they were offended by it, but I didn’t really have a problem with it.”

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