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Castle Season 4 Finale “Always” Wish List: 5 Things We Hope Will Happen

It’s finally here! We always put together a weekly wish list for Castle ‘round here, and with Monday’s episode being the season finale and all, this week is no exception.

However, we’re gonna shake things up a bit. We know we’ve been going on and on about Castle and Beckett’s buzzed-about possible hookup. Obviously, we want to see Castle and Beckett strip naked and do the nasty, and we want Castle’s secret to come out so the duo can lay it all out on the line and start their relationship all emotionally fresh.

Now that that’s out in the open, we’re gonna take a look at some other fun stuff we hope makes Monday’s delectable Castle finale. We mean, there is more to this show than Castle and Beckett, right? … Right?

Check out our wish list for “Always” below, and be sure to add your own unique predictions in the comments!

5. Alexis in Cap n’ Gown

Lexis is ‘bout to be a graduate, y'all! We found out last episode that she plans to stay in the Big Apple — under a few conditions — but she has to graduate high school first, right?

We think a cute look at Alexis’ graduation would make a nice reprieve from all the inevitable drama of the episode. And since whatever happens in Alexis's life always mirrors what’s going on in Castle’s, it only makes sense that she’d grab that diploma in the season finale!


4. Castle and Beckett the Morning After

Let’s say C and B’s hookup doesn’t end the episode (like we’ve all speculated), but actually happens somewhere in the middle. We’d love to take a gander at Caskett’s first “morning after.”

How about Beckett emerges in a towel and walks up to wrap her arms around Castle’s stomach as he joyfully cooks her bacon and eggs? So. Into. It.

3. Montgomery Flashback

We’ve heard that Mrs. Montgomery’s hangin’ around the precint for the ep, so it wouldn’t be totally out-there to expect a little flashback to Monty. Just a 20-second montage would do, really. Miss you, Captain M!

2. Lanie and Espo Reconcile

We know there’s a lot going on this ep, but would it be too much to ask for the sassy med examiner and her cop boy toy to just get over it and hook up again already? They’re still so in love, it’s obnoxious.

Plus, we’re going to need something to hold onto for the summer if Castle and Beckett end the season on bad terms. (God forbid!)

1. Castle and Beckett Say ILY

OK, we couldn’t rationalize finishing this list without at least one reference to our likely-to-hook up leads, since really, that’s what we all truly care about. We already know they (spoiler) thanks to this promo (which you should not even come close to watching if you want to remain spoiler-free), so is a confession of true love really so far off? Fingers crossed!

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05.5.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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