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Castle Showrunner Andrew Marlowe: “We’re Putting Ourselves in a Great Position” For Season 5 – Exclusive

Castle Season 4 will wrap on Monday, May 7, but showrunner Andrew Marlowe is already gearing up for fall. The man has a game plan for Season 5, and he’s confident it will please — and greatly entertain — the show’s devoted fans.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Have you thought about themes for the new season?

Andrew Marlowe: We’re working on that. We have a pretty good handle on how we want to handle the storytelling right off the bat. I think once people see the finale they will be really curious to see what happens next and will be hopefully excited for what we’re going to do next season. We’ve had a lot of really great conversations here in the writers’ wing about how we’re going to handle information.

This season, the season of secrets, emerged kind of during the hiatus for me, and then when we got to the writers room and we were having conversations about how to handle stuff. But what’s interesting is that when we’re talking about Castle [Nathan Fillion] and Beckett [Stana Katic], both those characters are so strong for us that oftentimes those characters themselves announce what the season is going to be about. So once we start talking about who they are in a really organic fashion, things emerge. So we have some really good ideas but we also want to keep ourselves open to what our characters are asking for.

You had a lot of really great, big episodes in Season 4. Can we expect the same for Season 5?

Well hopefully we’ll continue to deliver really great TV. And I think we’re putting ourselves in a great position to do that. I look back on the season and I’m really gratified to think that we’ve had a tremendously successful, creative season, and great hallmarks along the way: the big two-parter, the 1940s episode, Beckett dealing with her post-traumatic stress. Even our smaller shows like “Cuffed” were a lot of fun. And the complexity of the storytelling in “47 Seconds,” the bomb episode, was great from my point of view. So I’m really pleased. I know I get a lot of credit for the season, but I have to share it with all the people here who do a lot of really great, hard work, both our cast and crew but also the folks in the writing wing, too. They really care about these characters with a deep passion. So I’m very lucky to have that crew working hand in hand with what we’re trying to accomplish.

One of the things I’ll say about this season is, because the two characters had secrets that they were keeping from each other, there was inevitably an element of angst that entered into this season — in terms of their relationship — that we’ve paid for with a little bit of the fun in the series. That’s not to say that we didn’t have a lot of fun this year, but there were certain times we couldn’t go places that we felt would be fun to go because the characters weren’t there yet.

And I think we’re putting ourselves in a great position with how we’re ending this season to allow some of those moments to come back in a little bit stronger way next season. Inevitably, as the characters grow, as Alexis [Molly Quinn] goes to Columbia and the revelations and betrayals are put on the table, they will be able to get past some of that angst and get to a different place in their relationship that allows us to basically re-embrace our fundamental values and what people have loved about the show since the beginning. And we don’t feel like we’ve drifted very far, but we just know that we’re in a really great position to re-embrace everything that we love about the show and that the audience seems to respond to.

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