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America's Next Top Model

Drake and Tyra Banks Not Dating, Just “Ran Into Each Other By Accident” at Disneyland (Sure!)

It’s totally normal for celebs to just stumble upon each other at Disneyland.

And you know the rule — when one famous person sees another famous person somewhere, they have to hang out and act like they’re buddies, even if they are practically strangers.

So it makes total sense that Drake and America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks just happened to be at Disneyland at the same time, so they decided to go on rides together — while he wore a fake mustache disguise. Any other speculation is crazy.

Global Grind posted pics of Drake, 25, and Tyra, 38, on a "date" at Disneyland, but Gossip Cop said not-so-fast.

To quote the rumor police, “The two were NOT on a date, and they are NOT a 'new couple.' Gossip Cop is told by a Tyra insider that she and Drake actually ran into each other by accident at Disneyland — and hung out — but they hardly even know one another.”

There you have it! Completely reasonable.

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