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Gossip Girl Season 5 Speculation! Why Is Bart Bass Back From the “Dead”?

We've now spent three seasons of Gossip Girl in the absence of Chuck’s father, Bart Bass — but after Season 5, Episode 22, “Raiders of the Lost Art,” it looks like the man behind much of his son's sadness is BACK... from the dead!

Bart made his memorable exit back in season two, leaving then-wife Lily heartbroken and Chuck headed down a dark path when he perished in a car accident on the night of the Snowflake Ball (or so we thought!). He's popped up as a figment of Chuck's tormented imagination since, but now we've got proof that the enigmatic Papa Bass was 'round all along. (Was he the one who actually made that life-saving blood transfusion for Chuck? Likely!)

So WHY is Bart back all of a sudden? And WHY was he gone? We've got a few ideas...


Naturally, where there's mention of a Bass, there's often mention of MONEY, and it's conceivable that Bart had financial troubles on the brain when he made his exit. When Chuck inherited the Bass empire, the only issue was his age — but maybe those millions dodged a debt that Bart would have had to pay.

Or perhaps he was avoiding an enemy — and keeping Chuck safe in the process? We'd never judge him for protecting our Chuck Bass, and we all know a man with as much wealth as Bart — not to mention the guy's oft-wicked 'tude! — can amass a list of many foes.

Then again, in the Canadian promo for Monday's all-new ep, "The Fugitives," Chuck puts a lot of emphasis on who might have been buried in that coffin (you know, the one that was supposed to have Bart in it...), so maybe the elder Bass was involved in something of the tangled-and-dastardly, implicating himself in some drama that has yet to be unveiled. Chuck could be helping his father by serving as an alibi? A witness? A... WHAT?

And what role does Diana Payne actually play in this?

(And let's not even get started on those Devlin Rhodes-Bass rumors...)

TELL US BELOW: What’s your best Bart Bass conspiracy theory?

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05.5.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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