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Jersey Shore

Snooki vs. Tanning Mom, Pauly D’s New Body: Jersey Shore Week in Review 5/4

- Snooki started a feud with local news oddity “Tanning Mom” when she called her a crazy “b***h.” Yeah, we’re going to go with Snooks on this one.

- Oh, but then Tan Mom fired back at Snooki! Tan Mom calls Snooks “fat” and “disgusting” and says she has “fake t**s.” Basically she acts like the classy woman we’ve come to associate with Tan Mom.

- Speaking of Snooki, she got a new ‘do! Do you like the skunk stripe look for Snooks?

- Bad news for everyone who is on Meatball Nuptials Watch: A source tells Wetpaint Entertainment that the wedding of the century (aka, Snooki and Jionni’s big day) won’t happen for at least another year. Wah!

- In the non-Snooki universe: Pauly D responded to claims that he’s gotten chubby by posting photos of his ripped abs and new buff body. Color us impressed!

- Speaking of transformations: Which Jersey Shore girl’s transformation gets your seal of approval?

- Don’t forget to vote for Snooki and Deena in Wetpaint Entertainment’s Most Entertaining Reality Star battle!

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