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The Voice

The Voice Season 2 Finalist Chris Mann Will “Stay Classical” for the Season Finale – Exclusive!

The four remaining contestants from The Voice Season 2 hit the stage at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Thursday, May 3, 2012, to perform for their fans, and Wetpaint Entertainment was there to catch up with them, just days before the finale.

It's been a tough road for classically trained opera singer Chris Mann, who has a big fan in coach Christina Aguilera thanks to her love of his operatic roots. Will he be able to rise above and declare the first victory for Team Christina?

Wetpaint Entertainment: Are you ready for Monday?

Chris Mann: I am ready for Monday. I’ve been ready for Monday my whole life. And I’m doing two songs that I know so well, and I came into this show specifically to sing these songs and the fact that I’m here to do them is incredible.

You’ve been saving them for all this time? That must have been hard.

It was hard. It was really hard, especially in the last round to sit on a song that I thought could take me to the finals and risk it, and do “Ave Maria” — which ended up being the right call. Thank God I’m still here. But it will be epic. Especially my duet with Christina.

When you got through this week there was a look of shock on your face. Were you really that surprised?

Yeah. I had already written my “Thank You” speech and I had it memorized. I was 100% ready to go home. I just respected Lindsey Pavao that much and she was so successful on iTunes, her song did very well and I thought it was so funny that it was Schubert vs. Bon Iver, the two songs we did.

And then when Christina didn’t sway the vote … I kind of thought I could take it maybe if Christina swayed it my way, but when it was 50/50 I just thought, ‘I don’t think so.’ I was genuinely dumbfounded.

Now that your musical world has been broadened and we’ve seen you do pop and classical, what kind of record should we expect from you?

You know, my dream has always been to fill out the trifecta of Michael Buble, Josh Groban and me. I think that there’s room to sing the beautiful classical stuff but yet be a very entertaining pop artist, so that’s my vision.

What’s the strategy for Monday?

Stick to my guns. I think Christina has helped me realize that my voice can take me there, which is something I doubted for many years. So I’m definitely going to give fans what they’re asking for and stay classical.

05.6.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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