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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 11: Rob Kardashian Has a Meltdown

Last week’s Operation: Keep Rob in Dallas was a total success for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, so what happens when the trio is back in full force again? We’ll find out!

The episode starts with Rob, newly settled into Dallas, letting his OCD tendencies take over as he gets serious about his maid’s cleaning routine — something about angles not being perfect on his stack of magazines. Rob knows he’s got some obsessions, including a major attachment to the number seven, but he thinks his compulsions are common among the Kardashians and that they don’t really affect his life.

Khloe takes him out to lunch, despite some questionable driving on her part, and treats him to a few awkward deets about her new visitor Aunt Flo. All that talk about aliens inhabiting her stomach region goes by the wayside, however, when Rob shares the news that his building in L.A. is being renovated and that he needs to find a new place by March. Being hunkered down in Dallas isn’t helping to alleviate his stress about the situation.

Afterward, Khloe gets another visitor — this time it’s her BFF Malika, who’s making her first trek to the Lone Star State to see her pal. She’s used to getting four days a week with Khloe, but now it’s a rare treat.

“Life in L.A. hasn’t been the same since Khloe left,” she mourns. She gets a warm welcome (albeit in the bathroom) from Khloe’s hubs Lamar. Then, things take a serious turn south when Khloe’s new friend Porschla Kidd (wife of Lamar’s fellow Maverick Jason Kidd) joins the duo for lunch.

Malika, despite being tight-lipped about the situation, is positively glowing with green over the connection Khloe has with Porschla. Not to mention, she obviously feels a little awkward about sipping on some celebratory champagne while Porschla is visibly preggers. She sips idly on her booze, making eye daggers as Khloe, as the two go back and forth about the woes of NBA wife life.

After lunch, Malika gets a little candid with Khloe about the ish with Porschla. She wasn’t too thrilled about having a third wheel for lunch but she admits the lady was nice enough and lets it go.

Credit: London Entertainment/Splash News    

When Khloe decides to invite Porschla on a trip to an animal sanctuary with Rob and Malika, though, Malika’s none too thrilled. She sulks around and gets snippy with Khloe about being left out of some of the conversations. Appropriately, there’s a jealous tiger on display at the sanctuary. That makes two of them. She tries to consult with Rob about the pairing but he doesn’t quite sympathize with her perspective.

Meanwhile, Rob is content to get cozy with a bear cub until he tries to use his seven-count routine to shut the cage and gets interrupted by Khloe, who’s ready to move on. When they get into the car, Rob explains that because he couldn’t shut the cage the way he wanted to, he’s all anxious about it. Khloe tries to reassure him that the cage was indeed closed; she saw it with her own two eyes.

What she didn’t see, however, was just how peeved her girl Malika is at her now. Malika remedies that short-sightedness by calling her out directly and saying, “I’m not jealous. I just wish you had picked a better time.” Khloe doesn’t bite, though. She thinks Malika being standoffish at the animal sanctuary was her own choice. “Do I love having Malika around? Of course,” she says. “But do I think she’s being a tad dramatic? Yeah.”

Back at home, Lamar is supping on some steak when Khloe fills him in on the day. She’s worried about Rob’s compulsive behavior and turned to (what else?) the interwebs for more info about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Through her studious and thorough research, she discovers that Rob’s stress and identity issues are worsening his obsessions.

Khloe says that Rob probably feels unimpressive since he’s 24 (just so old) and only has a Dancing With The Stars credit to his name, but Lamar thinks otherwise. Abruptly, he declares that Rob’s more impressive than anyone would like to believe — he did put himself through school after all. Aw, Lamar’s quick defense of Rob is even cuter than a mama bear gettin’ feisty over her cub.

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Later, Rob and Khloe are in the car when she decides to bring up her research. Actually, the situation warrants the discussion because Rob insists on turning around half a dozen times after he hits a pothole, just certain that he’s run over something. She wants him to admit he needs help, and he doesn’t want to hear it. So, dramatically, he stomps off into a field for a spell before she convinces him to get back into the car. He knows he went a little overboard about the whole thing but he really doesn’t have much to say about it.

This little misadventure, of course, makes Khloe late for her girl-date with Malika, which only adds fuel to the fire and tips her friend over the edge. The two finally have it out, with Malika explaining that she is indeed jealous of Khloe chumming with Porschla. Khloe finally apologizes and says that she thought she was doing right by her friend to show her how things really are in Dallas. The two have a good laugh about it, and we know all is definitely well once they start recreating the “King of the World” scene from Titanic on the balcony.

Things are also looking up on Rob’s end as well, as he chats with a psychotherapist who thinks a little treatment can do wonders for his condition. He joins the ladies at the hotel and tells big sis about his phone call with the shrink. She’s proud of him and they share a sweet touchy-feely moment about the news before she starts smacking him per usual.

Next week, in the final episode of the season, the drama will hit a fever pitch when Khloe takes a paternity test and Lamar shares a few tough emotions of his own!

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