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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Who Was Fired on Celebrity Apprentice on May 6, 2012 in a Shocking Double Elimination?

This week, the flirtatious Farouk Shami gave the contestants their next challenge: Create a four page print ad campaign to promote the iPhone of hair dryers, his “Chi” touch, with the winning ad getting the chance to appear in ELLE Magazine.

After fighting tooth and nail for an elusive redheaded model, Aubrey O’ Day decided to bulldoze her way to the front and elect herself as the new face of the campaign, mowing down everyone in her path, including an actual professional hair model, who was none too pleased with the abrupt dismissal.

Seeing it as her chance to jump from US Weekly’s “What were they thinking?” column straight to the high fashion pages of ELLE, Aubrey milked her modelling gig for all it was worth, and while we wish we could rag on the girl, we have to admire her improvised publicity strategy.

In the boardroom, the executives didn’t connect with Unanimous’ “Chi” centered ad, or their project manager Teresa Giudice, giving the win to Team Forte’s “Look below the surface” campaign. Once in the hotseat, Teresa tried to divert the flames towards Arsenio Hall, who was having none of it, giving us flashbacks of ‘Angry Arsenio’ from a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Teresa was in a little bit over her head, and she was fired, But dry your eyes kids, because we’ll still get to see her every week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

And then the phone rang.

Summoning them back to the boardroom, Trump decided he wasn’t through this week — and called on last season’s finalists, Marlee Matlin and John Rich, to consult on which two other celebrities should get the boot.

Playing a strange version of “good cop, bad cop,” Marlee and John tag team interviewed the remaining celebs, drilling them about their time on the show.

The vaguely unnecessary questions were a meeting of exaggerated egos and drummed up drama, with the pair pretending, unconvincingly, to contribute to Trump’s ultimate decision.

Once in front of the celebrities again, Trump questioned Lisa’s history of emotional mood swings (finally!), and sent the Queen of Mean packing.

But alas, The Don was not done. One more celeb would be sent packing, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see who gets the axe.