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Best Castle Quotes From the Season 4 Finale, “Always”

Last night, the murder of a former gang-member-turned-Army-officer brought Castle and Beckett closer than ever — and made for some seriously aww-worthy quotes. (And even that may be an understatement. The Caskett dialogue in this ep was that good.)

Check out the top quotes from Castle Season 4, Episode 23: "Always” below, and be sure to add your favorites in the comments!

10. Beckett: Say something reassuring.
Castle: There are thousands of break-ins in New York City every year …

We guess that works...

9. Castle: Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating, person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don't do this.

Now that’s quite a confession.

8. Beckett: How the hell could you do this?
Castle: Because I love you. But you already know that, don't you? You've known for about a year now.

Called her out!

7. Castle: You're not alone in this. I'm here.
Beckett: I know.

Always has been.

6.Castle: The most worthwhile things in life are often the most difficult. For example [phone rings, it’s Beckett]. Wow, this really is a smart phone.

Amidst the craziness, Castle finds the nugget of humor.

5. Castle: Either this is the most boring dream I've ever had or you can't sleep either.

We’re gonna go with the latter.

4. Beckett: I’ve been waiting a year for this and I’ll be damned if I let someone else screw it up.

Know who else has been waiting a year?

3. Beckett: I’m fine, I’m in control.
Castle: No, you’re not. And if you don’t stop, they will kill you, Kate.

Famous last words

2. Castle: It’s your life, you can throw it away if you want … but I’m not going to stick around and watch you do it.

And that’s all, folks.

1. Castle: Beckett, what do you want?
Beckett: You.


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