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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Castle’s Season 4 Finale, “Always”?

Still breathing, Castle fans?!

After the countless hours and sleepless nights of "Always"-induced anxiety, we can honestly say that Castle's Season 4 finale lived up to all of our expectations. And we mean all of them.

The episode started with a bang and ended with a boom, leaving us hooked and on the edge of our seats from start to finish. From Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller's impeccably sharp and poignant writing to the cast's unparalleled execution, "Always" will go down in Castle history as the most heartwarming (and heart-wrenching!) episode yet.

Although we didn't get the closure we were hoping for in Johanna Beckett's unsolved murder, we finally saw our two leads put all their feelings on the table — and presumably the bed! You didn't think we were going to forget that mind-blowing, holy crap, palms-are-sweating, can't-catch-our-breaths make-out scene, did you? We're not sure if it was more intense for us or for Castle and Beckett!

Sexy as it was, what made that scene so special is that we got to see Kate's wall crumbling down before our very eyes. After visiting the very same swing set where she and Castle spoke in the Season 4 premiere, she busts through Castle's threshold in a state of unbridled passion.

"Beckett, what do you want?" Castle asks. "You," she responds.

Is this the same Kate Beckett we met in Season 1?

Both Castle and Beckett have come a long way since fate disguised as a copycat killer brought them together. After all the cups of coffee, the flirty exchanges, and the near-death experiences, these two are finally ready to begin the next chapter in their relationship. But the question is, are we ready?

We always were.

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05.8.2012 / 08:48 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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