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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 8 Recap: Terrific (and Troublesome) Trios!

Good news first: The “Trio” round is an awesome addition to Dancing With the Stars. It’s so great to see beloved pros return after being eliminated and it’s another way for the DWTS pro troupe members to show off their talents. (And fabulous abs. Henry Byalikov? More like Henry *Hellohotstuff*-ikov!) So kudos to on Season 14, Week 8, for turning the Latin dances into sexy three-ways.

Now the bad news: Derek Hough apparently ran over Len Goodman’s puppy. Or something. Len really had it in for Derek this week, challenging his choreographing twice and flashing only his “8” and even (wince) “7” paddles for Team Menough. But the judges never can agree on anything and they were all over the map tonight, as usual. We also had some troubling rehearsal packages. All the couples fight, but it was surprising enough to see Derek snap at Maria Menounos to the point where he apologized and called himself a “jerk.” Then Maksim Chmerkovskiy did his thing — and took it so far he also had to apologize. The Celebriquarium is becoming the new official apology station. (Maybe Chris Brown should stop by and apologize Tuesday night during the Results Show.)

Since Roshon Fegan ended up in second place, our idea that he was a lock to go home tomorrow during the double elimination may not quite be the case anymore. Who will go home tomorrow? Eek. This could go any number of ways. Fans, it’s up to you.

Here’s a quick rundown of the leaderboard:

William Levy & Cheryl Burke — 30 + 27 = 57 out of 60
Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower — 29 + 27 = 56 out of 60
Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd — 27 + 28 = 55 out of 60
Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas — 26 + 29 = 55 out of 60
Maria Menounos & Derek Hough — 28 + 25 = 53 out of 60
Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy — 24 + 27 = 51 out of 60

Read on for a full recap of the Week 8 action:


1. Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd — Tango to “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder — To be the best, they study the best, so they watch old videos of past great Tangos. This isn’t the Argentine Tango, so they can’t do lifts. Unusual song for a Tango but they hit the beats of the music really well. Love the intensity.

JUDGES: Len Goodman said “Ding, dong, Donald, a first round knockout!” He set a high standard. He’s gushing like it’s a 10 coming. Bruno Tonioli said “Beware of the killer stilettos.” He thought he was going to have to call a marriage counselor. He had aggression, disdain and he went for it like there was no tomorrow. “First out, first class.” Carrie Ann Inaba said he was in the zone. She loved his dynamic shapes this week. One thing: Just a little bit more drama. Bruno said there was plenty of drama. She said there was aggression, which is not drama. Donald gave her drama with a kiss. Kiss the nice ones, Donald! (Maybe he should’ve kissed Len weeks ago.)

SCORES: 9, 9, 9 = 27 out of 30. What is it going to take for them to get a perfect score?

Vote for Team Driving Miss Peta: 1-800-VOTE4-03 or 1800-868-3403

2. Maria Menounos & Derek Hough — Viennese Waltz to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri — They had another dramatic, hurtful rehearsal, but Maria didn’t want to break down because she hates crybabies. Derek said you only hurt the ones you love. Maria said their rehearsals are becoming roller coasters. Sometimes this is good for them, so we’ll have to see.

JUDGES: Bruno said “Heavenly fluidity” with seamless transitions and total emotional involvement. “This is amazing.” Tom asked why Maria was crying during the critique. “I love this dance, I love this music...” She loves dancing with Derek. It just got to her. Carrie Ann heard angels singing when she danced. Some dances speak to you, some sing. Carrie Ann said they are a very unique couple and something special is happening. Len threw cold water on the gushing. “Derek, this girl in hold is the best, and I think you missed a great chance here.” She wasn’t in hold enough for him. He would’ve liked a little bit more dancing in hold. The other judges disagreed. “You disappointed me,” Len shouted to Derek. Well! That’s a harsh thing for Papa Len to say, but since angels were singing to Carrie Ann (*eye roll*) maybe it’s a good balance.

SCORES: 10, 8, 10 =28 out of 30 Derek admits “I was a little bit of a jerk” in rehearsals. He regrets it.

Vote for Team Menough: 1-800-VOTE4-01 or 1-800-868-3401

3. Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy — Foxtrot to “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart — Melissa said there’s “a significant uptick in the head-butting in rehearsals.” Maks swore over and over and said he had to go outside or he was going to punch something. (Yikes!) He spent half an hour repeating instructions for three-and-a-half moves. It made him scary mad. Melissa said if it came too much of a berating, belittling argument, she shut down. “You’re making me into a villain and I’m not. You’re making me look like a terrorist.” Melissa said it’s easy to paint Maks as the bad guy and there’s more to that but we are all responsible for our own emotions and our reactions “and there is no way that I can make him look like a bad guy — but he can.” They have a kiss at the start of the dance. She’s in a wild print. Maks looks good in his glasses, but that rehearsal package … that was a tough one to watch.

JUDGES: Carrie Ann said her shoulders were down. “That was your best dance ever.” She looked relaxed and in her element. Unfortunately in the beginning there were a few mess-ups. Len said Carrie Ann’s right. Potentially it was their best dance but there were one or two incidents. Bruno said “The cougar got her prize and a much smoother ride.” She started to finish her lines. Her presentation was the best she’d done to date.

SCORES: 8, 8, 8 = 24 out of 30. Brooke asked if Maks ever felt like he went too far. He said yes, just a minute and a half ago. He admitted he went too far and said it wouldn’t happen again. He and Melissa teared up and hugged and kissed each other.

Team MGMC: 1-800-VOTE4-07 or 1-800-868-3407

4. Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas — Viennese Waltz — Katherine is the least known celebrity in the show so with a double elimination she feels like she has to give a stellar performance to stay. If Len wants a dance in hold, he should have no problem with this routine.

JUDGES: Len said this had plenty of content, lots in hold, natural turns, reverse turns. The only thing he didn’t like was the part they had trouble with — the “spinny thing.” He didn’t think it was in character. Bruno said it was a tale of upstairs-downstairs. Her technique is superb. Her placement, your frame, but for once, coming up she had a sudden moment where she lost it, which is rare. Carrie Ann said she has to be careful, she lost her balance and wasn’t on her footing and it took her out of it. (Boo! No! As we go to commercial, the judges are still arguing. At least they are passionate!)

SCORES: 8, 9, 9 = 26 out of 30. That’s their first 8. Wayyyyyyy too low. Insane. That was a great Viennese Waltz and easily as good as Maria and Derek’s, if not better.

Team Welsh Wiggler: 1-800-VOTE4-10 or 1-800-868-3410

5. Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower — Foxtrot to “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee — Roshon brings his grandmothers in to give him moral support and make him smile. He may not have muscles, but he has g-mas! One of his grandmas gives him dance pointers! She’s the nana Len. Ro and Chelsie’s outfits are like ‘50s nerdy-cute, but the patterns clash. Whatever. Sweet routine. Very cute and wholesome.

JUDGES: Bruno said “the sweetest of sweethearts.” No jerkiness in sight. His lines have never been more clean. The side-to-side section, it was like watching a young Mickey Rooney. Carrie Ann asked if he made the Grannys proud. They cheered. Carrie Ann was proud. Len said they were like two little dancing munchkins. “Good job, dawg!” Ha! He finally said it.

SCORES: 10, 9, 10 = 29 out of 30. Wow! That’s their highest score of the competition so far. This could really add a twist to the double elimination since they were pretty much a lock to go home … before this.

Vote for Team Rochee: 1-800-VOTE4-05 or 1-800-868-3405

6. William Levy & Cheryl Burke — Foxtrot to "Stray Cat Strut" — It was Cheryl’s birthday so he brought her flowers and thanked her for her patience. She wants him to nail his two dances, that’s the gift she wants. (Aim higher, girl!) William doesn’t like the rules of ballroom dances; he likes more freedom. They look great out there — he in a tux and she in a long elegant gown. Smart of them to keep it classy and dapper and not wear something, you know, catty or jungle-print for a stray cat song.

JUDGES: Carrie Ann said “All I can say is ‘Meow, Meow, Meow!’ That was like a super hot sexy Pink Panther!” Their movements were exquisite. He puts so much of himself into the dances. (Does he even agree?) Len said there was flair in the technique and flair in the movement. Bruno said “You heartbreaker! you couldn’t be more debonair and suave if you tried. I hate you even more!”

SCORES: 10, 10, 10 = 30 out of 30. Wow. Second perfect score of the season, after Maria and Derek last week. “He hates me but I love him,” William said of Bruno. Methinks “hate” is not quite the word for Bruno’s feelings.

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1. Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd & Karina Smirnoff— Jive — Peta said Karina is great with choreography and she won last season, so that doesn’t hurt. Karina has never seen a Jive done with three people. Wow. This is a fast, fun, crazy routine. Love his muscles in that shirt. Smart to pick Karina since she and J.R. Martinez did some great Jives last season. Didn’t he wear those same suspenders?

JUDGES: Len said “Fun! Fun! Fun! I liked it. Good job!” Bruno said “It’s so hard keeping in sync in a threesome, I tell you.” He handled it beautifully. Carrie Ann screamed and threw her hands up. He never missed a step. “I loved your three-way!”

SCORES: 10, 9, 9 = 28 out of 30. Total for the night of 55 out of 60. What is it going to take for Len and Bruno to upgrade to a 10? They don't even give constructive criticism for Donald to work on.

Vote for Team Driving Miss Peta: 1-800-VOTE4-03 or 1800-868-3403

2. Maria Menounos & Derek Hough & Henry Byalikov — Samba — Derek picked Henry because he’s passionate … and buff like them. He has great abs! Maria wants to start Henry Mania so William doesn’t get all the attention. Derek is bringing Bollywood to DWTS. (!!!) Fun! Love the outfits. But does the song go with Samba? Shame they couldn’t get something more obvious like “Jai Ho.” This is starting to feel like more of a good idea in theory than practice. Not sure it was a 100 percent success, but they should definitely bring the style back.

JUDGES: Bruno said, creatively, it was incredible. Maria was framed beautifully but she lost timing a couple of times. The intricacy of it all was a bit overwhelming. Carrie Ann said as a number it was great and it was a great way to showcase Maria but there were a few little slip-ups. But it was a feast for her Asian senses. Len said if he was judging a Bollywood number it was a 10 but there was no connection with a Samba. It was false advertising.

SCORES: 9, 7, 9 = 25 out of 30, total of 53 out of 60. First 7! Woooowwwwww. If Derek's pride was hurt from the Motown Marathon it has to really be smarting tonight.

Vote for Team Menough: 1-800-VOTE4-01 or 1-800-868-3401

3. Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Val Chmerkovskiy — Samba — Maks wants the Samba to be empowering for Melissa. He wants her to shine. Melissa looked great and it must’ve been a dream to dance with both those guys.

JUDGES: Carrie Ann gave a holla for the Chemerkovskiy sandwich. Melissa gave it all. Len said that was her best dance. Bruno said was it Melissa or Miss Rita Hayworth? It takes two to get the best out of her.

SCORES: 9, 9, 9 = 27 out of 30, their highest score yet. Total score of 51 out of 60.

Team MGMC: 1-800-VOTE4-07 or 1-800-868-3407

4. Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas & Tristan MacManus— Cha-Cha-Cha — Mark picked Tristan because Katherine loves him and he’s done great things with his partners. Kudos to Katherine for calling out Mark’s “whatever accent” mix from the U.K. to the U.S. Love the black and white spy opening with Maria’s vampire pic in a briefcase. Trouble getting her pants off with the suit. She danced her routine with the pants on her leg! Wardrobe malfunction, but she handled it well.

JUDGES: Len thought it was clean and clear, even with her “wardrobe-y thing” taking off her suit. Bruno said she caught a thief. She captured a Hitchcock blonde coolness. Carrie Ann said last time she thought Kat was lacking fire. This time, bring on the fire. She was in the zone. She came out like she owned the dance. Having her pants stuck on her ankle and not missing a beat — impressive.

SCORES: 10, 9, 10 = 29 out of 30, with a total of 55 out of 60 for the night. They lost the key for the handcuffs? Tristan and Mark have their bromance locked up!

Team Welsh Wiggler: 1-800-VOTE4-10 or 1-800-868-3410

5. Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower & Sasha Farber — Paso Doble — Sasha gives Roshon great tips for being a strong matador.

JUDGES: Bruno said Roshon had strength, power and artistry and beautiful Spanish lines, but he lost sync with Sasha a couple of times. There were moments he couldn’t distinguish the two of them. Carrie Ann was conflicted, ‘cause she loved the idea but he went off in times. Len said “You were like two skinny fries chasing the ketchup.” Ha! It had lovely, powerful lines and beautiful tight buttocks.

SCORES: 9, 9, 9 = 27 out of 30, with a total score for the night of 56 out of 60. Highest score of the night so far.

Vote for Team Rochee: 1-800-VOTE4-05 or 1-800-868-3405

6. William Levy & Cheryl Burke & Tony Dovolani — Paso Doble — William is wearing his Zorro mask, just like we hoped he would after saying Zorro is his dream role. William is trying to hold his own against Tony and not look bad next to him. Cheryl is one lucky lady to get both these men. Next time she just needs to tag Gilles Marini in. (Loved seeing your commercial during the break, Gilles!)

JUDGES: Carrie Ann said it’s a fun night. She likes the trios. The crowd is going nuts. The lines were incredible, Carrie Ann said. They went out of sync once but it was pretty insanely fun to watch. Len said he salutes them, he thought they did a fabulous job. Bruno said William and Tony — there can be only one between the two raging bulls. He couldn’t ask for more with performance value. They used Cheryl like a cape, but they did lose sync.

SCORES: 9, 9, 9 = 27 out of 30, total for the night of 57 out of 60. That’s the top score of the night.

Vote for Team Fuego: 1-800-VOTE4-08 or 1-800-868-3408

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