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Did Revenge Kill Off Tyler Barrol Too Soon?

A worried Revenge fan recently posed an interesting question to

"I've been wondering about Revenge's renewal. I know it's a shoo-in for renewal. But could you shed some light on the matter? How many cliffhangers can they seriously manage to pull off before it's done for good?" she asked.

While critic Matt Roush doesn't seem too concerned about Revenge's writers running out of juice any time soon, he does think they made a huge misstep in killing off their "best villain," Tyler Barrol, so quickly. We beg to differ.

Sure, Tyler's drug-induced antics were fun while they lasted, but he was one Clozapine trip away from overstaying his welcome in East Hampton. How is a girl supposed to properly avenge her father's death with a pill-popping schizo constantly stealing her gun and leaving fire hazards in her floorboards?

Thankfully, the writers found an interesting way to kill him off while simultaneously facilitating the plot, having Daniel Grayson take the fall for his friend's murder. Daniel's trial has opened the door to a whole host of compelling storylines, new characters, and relationship shifts, all of which will carry us through to the mega season finale cliffhanger.

What do you think, Revenge fans? Are you still mourning Tyler's death, or did the writers make the right choice?

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05.8.2012 / 01:41 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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