Maksim Chmerkovskiy (And Derek Hough) Explode During DWTS Rehearsals
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Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy (And Derek Hough) Explode During DWTS Rehearsals

When Maksim Chmerkovskiy gets so worked up in rehearsals that it becomes scary — we have to wonder if he needs a break from Dancing With the Stars. Or at least a time-out with no dessert.

We all have bad weeks, but in Season 14, Week 8 rehearsals Maks unleashed on Melissa Gilbert in a frightening way. In the pre-Foxtrot package, Melissa said there’s “a significant uptick in the head-butting in rehearsals.” Maks swore over and over and said he had to walk away or he was going to punch something. He told her he just spent half an hour repeating three-and-a-half moves. It made him so mad. Melissa told the cameras when it becomes too much of a berating, belittling argument, she shuts down. “You’re making me into a villain and I’m not,” Maks argued to her. “You’re making me look like a terrorist.” Melissa told the cameras it’s easy to paint Maks as the bad guy and there’s more to him than that, but we are all responsible for our own emotions and our reactions “and there is no way that I can make him look like a bad guy — but he can.”

After the dance, Maks looked like he had tears in his eyes, even before Brooke Burke-Charvet asked him if he ever felt like he went too far in rehearsals. Yes, he answered. “Right now, about a minute and a half ago,” Maks said. “But we spend so much time outside the dance studio and I truly want the best for this woman. I love her with all my heart.”

Derek Hough just had a rough rehearsal with Maria Menounos and afterward in the Celebriquarium he admitted “I was a little bit of a jerk.” He regretted it. Maks referenced Derek’s rehearsal words when adding, “Derek said it the best: We sometimes hurt the ones we love the most. I would do anything for [Melissa]. I do think it’s too much and moving forward it won’t happen.”

Maks apologized. He and Melissa teared up and hugged each other. We know Maks fans are fiercely loyal and hate any challenge against him, but this was a particularly hard rehearsal package to watch and we can only hope he never again gets that worked up with a DWTS partner. No one deserves that.

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