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Red Carpet Scoop! New Girl Season Finale Super-Teaser Roundup: Yup, There’s a [SPOILER]

On tonight’s season finale of New Girl, the gang makes an unexpected trip to the desert, where they face existing fears, discover brand new ones and finally confront each other about the issues that have been bothering them and us. Will Nick (Jake Johnson) move in with Caroline? Can Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece (Hannah Simone) make their relationship work? And why on earth would they go camping when every one of them shudders at the mere thought of a showerless existence?

“We go on an adventure and try to save our friend from a life-ruining decision,” says Zooey Deschanel (Jessica Day), about their impromptu camping trip. “You can expect a lot of fun, a lot of nostalgia, and maybe some dancing.”

Here are five things you need to know about the Season One ender.

1. Winston harbors a deep dark secret

While Winston (Lamorne Morris) gradually turned into the voice of reason in the apartment, the finale reminds us that every man has his kryptonite.

“For my character we’re exploring my deepest fear and you’ll see that Winston is afraid of something,” Lamorne tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “You’ll see it, and it’s quite disturbing. It’s not a fun camping trip [for him]. Not fun at all.”

2. One of the guest stars is a total diva

We’re sure Justin Long and Dermot Mulroney have certain demands built into their contracts, but they don’t hold a candle to Jake and Zooey’s most recent guest star.

“Zooey and I were in a cave with a coyote,” says Jake with a grimace. “It was a damn nightmare. And I’ve got to say, that coyote is a terrible actor. Worst actor I’ve ever worked with. He had an attitude problem from the start ate so much damn chicken while none of the crew or other actors were eating anything and he was a medium talent. But Zooey saved the scene so I think we’re going to be OK.”

3. Schmidt and Cece are at a crossroads

With Schmidt’s still out of commission, his relationship with Cece is brought to a new level. But some insecurities have Schmidt looking for relationship solutions in a surprising literary classic.

“He’s got a lot of issues, a lot of things going on,” says Max.

“I think the two of them have been finally forced to deal with emotional intimacy,” adds Hannah.

“They have been avoiding it by just really overindulging in physical intimacy, but they’re stranded in the desert so there are no distractions, nowhere to go. They have to come face to face with it and it’s quite interesting what happens between the two of them.”

4. But seriously — will Nick really move out of the apartment?

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"Is Nick going to move out? I mean, he might,” teases Jake.

“You’ll get some closure,” promises Zooey. “For sure. You’ll find out whether or not [he moves out.]”

But more importantly, are Nick and Jess going to realize they have feelings for each other and possess that “heat” that Jess lacked with Russell?

“I think she knows it maybe more than he does,” says Zooey “But I don’t know if she’d ever admit it.”

“I think deep down Nick is probably in love with Jess but I don’t think he’s at a point of his life to admit that,” Jake tells us. “I think everybody goes through a phase where they go, ‘Man I was a real idiot in those days,’ and I think Nick is in that phase as we’re watching.”

5. Yup, there’s a kiss

Yes, there's a kiss, but you’ll have to tune in tonight to see who engages in a surprise lip-lock. What we will tell you is that all is not lost when it comes to Nick and Jess in Season 2.

“I want to explore the Nick-Jess stuff more,” says Jake. “I think there’s something really fun there and I want to see what happens.”

We couldn’t agree more!

You can catch the New Girl Season One finale Tuesday, May 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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