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Revenge Romance Spoiler Roundup: The Latest Scoop on Emily, Daniel and Jack’s Love Triangle!

We love nothing more than a good ol' fashioned love triangle –– especially when said triangle involves childhood sweethearts, preppie poets, and half-dead labrador retrievers!

Check out our roundup of what you can expect from Emily, Daniel and Jack's sexplosive relationship this season on Revenge. Does anyone else think a Jack + Emily (Jemily!) hook up is in our future?

1. A Painful Loss Forges a Bond Between Emily And Jack

According to the synopsis for Episode 21: "Grief," "a painful loss forges a stronger bond between Emily and Jack." Uh oh, you know what that means! RIP, Sammy Dog.

2. Will Emily and Daniel Get Into (Another) Fight?

Revenge star Emily VanCamp tweeted, “Last day of filming the 1st season of #REVENGE tomorrow. Going out with a bang. A little Nolan/Emily fun and a wicked fight. Should be epic.” Does the “wicked fight” have anything to do with Daniel discovering Emily’s true motives?

3. Will Jack and Emily Grow Closer?

"The window of opportunity for Emily is open," Nick Wechsler tells Entertainment Weekly. "The people who are occupying us are not physically there. But in their physical absence we have an opportunity for something to start growing between us.” Awww, we love these two!

What do you think, revengers? Will Emily and Jack hook up, or will she stay faithful to her fiance? Dish your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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