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Jersey Shore

Snooki Reveals Jersey Shore Secrets: Cast Can’t Read, Write, or Listen to Music While Filming

In a gorgeous black-and-white photo spread and interview in the current Americana issue of V Magazine, Snooki spilled some little-known details about how restrictive filming Jersey Shore can be. While most loyal watchers know about the restrictions placed on cell phone use and watching TV, we didn’t know about some of the other surprising rules.

Snooki tells V that filming Jersey Shore is “kind of like being in jail for two months.” Why? “You can’t leave without a film crew with you,” she says. “If you want to leave, you have to tell them an hour before so they can get ready.” Also, “You can’t read … You can’t write or pass notes. You can’t listen to music, you can’t do anything.”

Suddenly all the drinking and sitting around that the eight castmates do is starting to seem more understandable. As Snooki puts it, “People wonder why all we do is drink! It’s because there’s nothing else to do! It passes the time and makes it fun. If you’re sober the whole time, you will go insane and kill yourself.”

Hmm... Hopefully the producers will be a little more lenient with Snooki’s cell phone and reading privileges come Season 6, since the meatball will be extremely pregnant. And drinking to pass the time is obviously no longer an option!

Read the complete interview here.

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Source: V Magazine

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