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Top 10 Quotes From Bones Season 7, Episode 12 “The Suit on the Set”: “His Belt Buckle Says ‘Cooky’”

Bones Season 7, Episode 12, “The Suit on the Set” was an hour of meta-riffic fun, jam-packed with hilarious quotes about fecal contamination, corpse-infesting worms, and gloating Canadians — so why not keep the Bones love going with the top 10 quotes of the week?

If we've learned one thing from this episode, it's that nobody can resist a topiary Bart Simpson and they sure do make delicious donuts out there in La-La Land. Mmmm … donuts.

1. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) pleads her case to Booth (David Boreanaz): I’ve been dreaming of doing a movie for years – are you going to let one decomposing corpse get in the way of that?
Honestly, we think that finding a decomposing body on the set of her movie is Brennan’s dream come true.

2. Barry (John Ducey) makes our hearts go awwww (or ewwww): Love always wins out in the end, just like a methicillin-resistant staph infection.
Nothing says romance like incurable illness!

3. Hodgins (TJ Thyne) gets all competitive with actor/doctor Barry: Do you even know what the first species to invade a decomposing body is?
No, but we have a feeling you’re about to tell us, Hodgins.

4. Hodgins swoons over the donuts Booth smuggled back from LA: These donuts are amazing. Booth: I think it’s because it’s always sunny there.
That’s right – nothing grows up some delicious donuts like California sunshine!

5. Brennan waxes poetic about her hotel’s coastal view: I love looking at the ocean, as long as I don’t think about fecal contamination.
And now we can’t stop thinking about it, too [cancels trip to Hawaii].

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6. Doug the Podiatrist apologizes for being a braggart: Canadians shouldn’t gloat.
Seriously, Doug, is there anything worse than a gloating Canadian? Don’t make us call South Park.

7. Booth on Agent Lister’s (Jordan Belfi) costume: His belt buckle says “Cooky.”
We get it. But is it pronounced Kooky? Cookie? Cook-y? We can’t be sure.

8. “Dr. Kathy” (Ashley Jones) shares her real feeling about recently deceases studio exec Hanson Stevens: I’m not gonna lie, Hanson can be a real bastard.
Nice to see that Hart Hanson isn’t afraid to lob some self-deprecating humor his own way. Meta-fun for everyone!

9. Hollywood director Jocco (Hal Ozsan) explains his way with the ladies: Women love me because I’m rich and famous. Brennan: Yes, you don’t seem to have any other attractive qualities.
Um, except for his ultra-fabulous accent, Brennan.

10. Booth to Brennan: Look at that, Bones, you got a monorail!
Just what the Jeffersonian never needed!

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05.8.2012 / 11:52 PM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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