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Top 3 Most Shocking Moments From Bones Season 7, Episode 12 “The Suit On The Set” –– Vampires, Explosions, and Fanboys!

This week's episode of Bones Season 7, Episode 12, “The Suit On The Set” took place in The City Of Angels –– where oversized sunglasses rule the world, and people think "wheatgrass" is a beverage.

Check out the 3 biggest shockers of the night, and don't forget to shave your head and attack a car with an umbrella after reading this. After all, when in Rome....

1. Cam (Tamara Taylor) Reveals Her Inner Twilight Fan Girl
We've always had Cam pegged as the Jeffersonian's resident mega babe / party buzzkill, but it turns out girlfriend has quite the past... As a blood-sucking, fang-popping vampire! Yep, Cam starred in Invasion of The Mothersuckers, a B-list fright fest about vamps, which happens to be our new favorite movie ever.

Raise your hand if you think Cam should rock a belly shirt and fangs more often? They'd go perfectly with the business casual look she works at the Jeffersonian!

2. Bone Of Contention: Best Movie Of Our Generation
It's time to start a prayer circle in the hopes that Fox will make Bone of Contention into a feature film, because OMG: Slow-motion, pyramids, and exploding squinterns? We are so there! Sure, the special effects on this bad boy were hardly Oscar-worthy, but as far as we can tell the flick features two special agents in Egypt who get attacked by a fleet of space aliens and crazy red lasers. (This puts Mulder and Scully to shame.)

Let's just say, if LOL starring Miley Cyrus can be made into a movie, so can Bone of Contention. We rest our case.

3. Special Agent Andy Lister Blows Our Minds
Move over Booth (David Boreanaz), there's a new stud in town! Meet Special Agent Andy Lister –– Booth's on screen alter ego who wears his "Cooky" belt buckle with pride. This erstwhile gent was fanboy-ing all over the place upon meeting Booth, and our jaws hit the ground (mid-swoon, of course) when he somersaulted around Bone of Contention's set waving his fake gun around. Did you see the size of that thing?!

To top it off, Andy took down Jocco with a cougar-like side-swipe that had Booth shedding a tear from pride! Sigh, these two. Just like Batman and Robin — minus the tights, plus novelty socks.

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05.8.2012 / 09:25 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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