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Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 23, “The Fugitives”

We’re one week out from the Season 5 finale of Gossip Girl and the hits just keep on comin’! This week’s ep left us with a doozy of an “OMG” — like that little business about Blair’s secrets being unveiled to the WORLD. But there were plenty of other shockers along the way. Here are our top five from “The Fugitives”!


Diana Payne makes her (confusing) exit
There was something here about a craptastic former life and something about that justifying her being a lyin’, cheatin’ high-powered madam who should get to walk away scot-free. We lost track. Bottom line: Diana was busy keeping Bart safe via various connections the world over, and it took Nate Archibald of all people to help her make that clean break.

Lola and Ivy partner up for a take down
Is it just us, or was this one of GG’s most hilarious scenes… ever? The show’s biggest outsiders come together to take down a foe that has nothing to do with either of them? Guess it’s true that peeps will do anything to be get back in the gang! Strangest moment: the two skimpily dressed Charlies exchanging awkward laughs and “break a legs” about for their acting moment as two hookers in Blair’s crazy (and, uh, dangerous!) scheme.

Serena poses as Blair/Dan’s Girlfriend
Talk about awkward! We love B as much as the next GG-obsessed TV fanatic, but she had more energy and excitement for freakin’ Prince Louis Grimaldi than she does for Dan Humphrey! If this is a sign of things to come, we think Lonely Boy oughta just get an early and direct flight to Rome. Not only did Blair ditch her boyfriend in favor of her ex-boyfriend/love-o-life (let’s be real!), but she also sent her BFF/Dan’s ex in to fill her shoes… the same BFF who may or may not still be in love with said boyfriend. That just ain’t right, B!

Gossip Girl reveals intel — from Blair’s diary!
Remember how producers said the finale would be like a bomb exploded on the UES? We’re wondering if said bomb has to do with some massive revelations about one Blair Waldorf’s real feelings about Dan and Chuck. And the implications of GG having her hands on that information — courtesy of former GG laptop owner Serena — are pretty far-reaching. Watch out, S! Hell hath no fury like a Queen Bee scorned (as you should already know…).

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05.8.2012 / 11:51 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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