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The Vampire Diaries

Watch! The Vampire Diaries Stars Hit Bloody Night Con in Barcelona on May 5, 2012 (VIDEOS)

This weekend, a few of our Vampire Diaries favorites hit up KLZ Events’ Bloody Night Con in Barcelona, Spain — including Nina Dobrev (Elena), Ian Somerhalder (Damon), and Paul Wesley (Stefan). They chatted it up with faithful fans from across the globe.

The three were in great spirits while taking questions from the crowd, and Nina and Ian got a little flirty on-stage when the topic of her character’s happiness came up.

“I think he’d loosen her up a little bit,” she said of an Elena and Damon matching. “Maybe she’d smile a little more. I mean that’s been my struggle for the last three years ... I mean, please just make her laugh. Please just make her smile.”

Somerhalder seized the opportunity to remind her that “Damon makes her laugh.” The Deleniacs in the crowd liked that! Somerhalder is almost as witty as his on-screen counterpart (and just as hot, of course).

Wesley and Somerhalder, meanwhile, shared some on-stage bromantic moments at the con. Both bowed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, saying they think she’d “kick the s**t” out of their characters. We’re not touching that one, fang fans!

Also present for the event were Michael Trevino (Tyler) and Matt Davis (Alaric). The latter took the opportunity to serenade the crowd with an audience member’s guitar. Flashbacks to “Wicked Little Wood Nymph”!

Paul Wesley joked that if fans haven’t gotten a picture with Davis yet, they better do it soon. Was that a hint about what’s to come with ‘Ric in this week’s finale, Paul? We hope not!