16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 8: Hope Harbert
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16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 8: Hope Harbert

It's that time of the week again, ladies! 16 and Pregnant is serving up a giant plate of drama –– with a side of pickles, Slurpees, and of course a special edition Dorito taco.

Gotta indulge in our faux pregnancy cravings at some point, right?

Get ready to meet Hope, a sweet-as-pie sixteenager who got pregnant the night she cashed in her V-card.

Sigh, did these kids learn nothing from watching Teen Mom?

Like a Virgin

Hope's boyfriend, Ben, might be a stand-up guy, but things weren't always great in their relationship. When Benny first found out that Hope was pregnant, he blew her off for two entire months! Nowadays, Ben is all about being a family man, and after he and Hope get back together, he invites her to move into his apartment!

The problem? Hope doesn't know if Ben really loves her, or if he just wants to bond with their baber. Sigh, teenage boys.

Meanwhile, Hope is working four shifts a week at a local coffee shop to save money, and tries to hang out with her besties as much as possible before they ditch her for college.

Hope's gal pals are total party animals, and most of them are too busy doing keg stands to pay much attention to her or her growing belly.

Oh well, at least Hope has her mom's full support when it comes to the bun in her enormous oven!

Meet the Parents

Pregnancy comes with many unexpected joys (stretch marks and varicose veins, anyone?), but the worst of the worst? Cankles. The horror!

Hope's swollen feet are of control, and unfortunately she has to quit her job to take the pressure off. This means Ben's bartending gig is their sole source of income, but before Hope can rely on her baby daddy's cash, she needs to know: Does he even love her?

Yes, yes a thousand times yes! Turns out Ben is majorly crushing on Hope (cankles and all!), and he even comes close to dropping the L-word during their real talk. Now comes the hard part: Tackling Hope's mom.

She's less than thrilled about Hope's relationship with Ben, but he wins her over by yammering about the joys of late-night diaper changes. Dude even offers to bankroll the baby!

With the blessing of her mom, Hope moves into Ben's apartment (an entire hour away from her family) and they eagerly wait for the newest chapter in their lives to begin. Bittersweet, guys. Bittersweet.

Happily Ever After

Poor Hope is so uncomfortable in her final month of pregnancy (she gains five pounds every week!), that she decides to induce labor.

Little does home girl know that she's in for 10 hours of painful contractions and an unexpected c-section!

And yes, you see everything –– including Hope's stomach get cut open with a scalpel. Color us completely traumatized.

After three days of recovery, Hope and Ben take their beautiful baby, Tristan, home and enjoy several sleepless nights full of dirty diapers and vomit. Lovely!

Unfortunately, Ben has to go back to work, leaving Hope all alone to take care of their bundle of joy.

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 8: Hope Harbert
Credit: MTV    

After a few weeks being bored out of her mind, Hope decides to get a part-time job at a restaurant to give herself a break from mommyhood, and she even visits her best buddies in college to get in some much-needed girl time.

Sounds like Hope's life is pure bliss –– she has a beautiful baby, a great relationship, and even though she misses her friends, let's get real.

No one is more fun to hang out with than Tristan!

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