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Andrew Marlowe, Terri Miller, and Castle’s Cast and Crew React to “Always”

Immediately following last night's epic Castle Season 4 finale, "Always," we checked in with the hard-working cast and crew on Twitter to see what they had to say.

Castle boss man Andrew Marlowe and his lovely muse/partner-in-crime-solving, Terri Miller, were already knee-deep in finale banter before the episode aired.

"Whaddya wanna do tonight?" Marlowe tweeted to his wife. "I don't know, baby. What d'you wanna do?" she teased back.

"I think we should open a bottle of good wine, toast our fans for making it all worthwhile, and then watch them break the Internet," he quipped.

Could these two be any more adorable?

Marlowe also treated us to some amusing Castle punnery. "Why 'The Killers' and 'Hard Boiled'?" he asked, referring to Rick and Kate's John Woo movie marathon date. "Clearly, Castle was trying to Woo her. #badpunassubtext"

Oh, Andrew!

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Meanwhile, the gate keeper of the 12th precinct was busy live-tweeting with fans. Some of her highlights included defending the captain's decision to suspend the rogue detectives and reacting to Caskett's steamy hookup scene.

"See, she's not mean or evil. She's fair and honest and by the book," Penny Johnson Jerald tweeted as Beckett and Esposito handed over their badges to Captain Gates.

As for Castle and Beckett's make-out sesh? "Yummy," the actress wrote. Couldn't have said better ourselves, Penny!

Jon Huertas hopped online to thank his fans, saying, "The amount of luv from the best TV fan base ever is outstanding! #Castle fans are a special breed-thnx 4 all u're gr8 feedback on "Always.'"

Molly Quinn sent some love to her on-screen dad. "A special thanks 2 creator @AndrewWMarlowe . & @NathanFillion who's acting & fan base got us off 2 such an awesome start from the beginning," she tweeted.

All was quiet on the Nathan and Stana front, but we won't come down on them too hard. Those two deserve a day off, don't you think?

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