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The Bachelor

Bachelor Couple Ben and Courtney’s Guilty Pleasure: The Kardashians?

We may not have been the biggest fans of Ben Flajnik’s follicle stylings throughout his Season 16 journey, but we’ve got to give the dude props for his Bachelor jet-setting style. Whether he was sipping Syrah in Sonoma or sight-seeing in Switzerland, the guy’s laid-back cool Cali ‘tude reflected in his wear.

When StyleCaster caught up with the winemaker before a Macy’s in-store appearance in New York Thursday, he revealed that although he had a stylist on the show, the looks — which he described as “English countryside” — were very much in line with his off-screen style (even if the sticker price wasn’t).

So what will he splurge on? “I have no problem spending $30 or $40 on a nice pair of socks,” says Ben. F’reals?!

He adds, “Courtney [Robertson], his fiancee] made me watch one of the Kardashians shows, and the brother was starting a sock line or something. I look at this guy and I’m like, ‘That’s brilliant! I don’t even know who you are, but that’s brilliant!’ It’s a great idea. They look nice! I don’t own one pair of white socks. It’s the golden rule.”

We don’t know what’s more surprising, that Ben’s so passionate about socks, or that he doesn’t know who Rob Kardashian is. Hello! He was on Dancing With the Stars. Didn’t they teach you that in your “Intro to Being an ABC Reality Star” class, Flajnik?

It’s OK. What we’re really interested in is the Bachelor couple’s evolution as a, well, normal couple. Once you’ve agreed to sit down with your girlfriend/fiancee to watch all the shows that you would never admit watching to voluntarily in public, then you know you’re in love. (Areweright?)

Read Ben’s full interview with StyleCaster here!

Source: StyleCaster

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