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Dancing With The Stars

Did Chris Brown Lip-Sync During Dancing With the Stars? (VIDEO)

Singer Chris Brown has already gained notoriety for his anger and violence issues, but does he really want to add lip-syncing to the list of things that critics can slam him for?

Last night, Chris performed “Turn Up the Music” during the Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 8: Results Show and we’re sure that we weren’t the only ones who noticed that Chris’s singing was a little too crystal-clear for a live performance. In addition to the sudden improved audio quality, Chris’s lips didn’t really synch up to certain parts of the song, particularly while he was dancing.

In defense of Chris, he was executing a lot of complicated dance moves during the performance, so it might have been a little too difficult for him to sing live and dance at the same time. Then again, singers like Beyonce and Chris’s idol Michael Jackson managed to sing and perform amazing dance routines at the same time, so it isn’t like dancing and singing can’t be done. One thing you can't argue with: Chris did perform an amazing dance number on DWTS, potential lip-synching and controversies aside.

Do you think Chris was lip-synching during DWTS? Does it really matter? Watch the video below and sound off in the comments.

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