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Miley Cyrus’s New Film LOL Tanks at the Box Office: What Gives?

We’re pretty certain Miley Cyrus is not amused by the box office performance of her latest film, LOL.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film raked in a total of $46,000 over the weekend. Seeing as it had a limited release in 105 theaters nationwide, that means the film made only $440 per theater. Those numbers are (dare we say?) pretty laughable.

The poor performance of LOL is somewhat bewildering for the popular singer, who has 5.6 million followers on Twitter. Her previous film, The Last Song, took in $63 million and proved she could attract an audience beyond her Hannah Montana fan base. Box office analyst Len Klady told Yahoo! that there was no real advertising campaign for the film, and not a hint of publicity was done in any major media outlets by Miley or co-stars Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, Thomas Jane, and Austin Nichols. The film didn’t even have a proper premiere event.

So what gives? Some have speculated that waning interest from distributor Lionsgate Films had much to do with the lackluster box office performance. The studio reportedly delayed the release of LOL (filmed back in 2010) after the runaway success of The Hunger Games, which stars Miley’s boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Pitting the indie movie against a huge blockbuster like The Avengers didn’t do LOL any favors either.

Miley herself doesn’t seem to be batting an eyelash at the movie’s poor reception. Yesterday, the starlet cheerfully tweeted, “Thank u so much for everyone who went to see LOL. It is a film I loved making and I am proud of...That’s really all that matters to me.”

Despite the DOA status of LOL, the singer will hopefully bounce back with the release of her upcoming summer comedy So Undercover, which co-stars Joshua Bowman and Jeremy Piven. And despite losing a judging gig on The X-Factor to fellow tween queen Demi Lovato, Miley is in potential talks to host the popular talent show.

Source: Yahoo! Movies, L.A. Times, and Twitter.

05.9.2012 / 12:16 AM EDT by Tiffany Wan
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