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Most Shocking Moments From Castle’s Season 4 Finale, “Always”

Last night’s Castle Season 4 finale was all we ever wanted — and then some. With all its twists and turns, we were on the edge of our couches, biting our nails, and trying not to scream at the TV all night long.

Beckett (almost) plummeted to an early death, Gates made two of the precinct’s finest to resign, and Castle and Beckett finally, finally, finally locked lips.

Check out the biggest shockers of the night below!

9. The Dragon Isn’t Done!

Cole Maddox hunts down Mr. Smith to inform him that their deal — to keep Beckett safe if she stays away from the case — is off, and he will “put her in the ground” no matter what. Talk about creepy!

8. Castle Tells Beckett Everything!

He not only revealed his season-long secret about looking into her mother’s case behind her back, but he also admitted — to her face — that loved her. Twice.

7. Captain Montgomery’s Files Were Stolen!

What looked like a regular ol’ homicide of an Army officer turned into something much bigger when the team discovered he broke into Monty’s house and stole top-secret files. Needless to say, that wasn’t the greatest news we heard all night, but we did know we were in for one helluva ride!

6. Castle Deletes His Case Files!

Beckett decided to pursue her mother’s case even after Castle warned her it would likely cost her her life. It seemed the only way Castle could think to deal with his emotions was by deleting her case files from his computer. We have a feeling he might regret that move come next season!

5. Beckett Fights Cole Maddox!

Who knew Beckett had so much Laura Croft in her? Two words: Bad. Ass.

4. Ryan Saves Beckett's Life!

He may have had to spill the beans, but Ryan’s little slip-up still saved Beckett from, well, slipping down 20 stories and splattering on the pavement below. Good job, guy!

3. Gates Fires Beckett and Esposito!

We all knew Gates’ by-the-book nature would bite our team in the butt sometime. It took all season, but Gates finally stood her ground in the finale, forcing Beckett and Esposito to turn over their badges for withholding evidence. Naughty, naughty, those two!

2. Beckett Resigns!

But as it turns out, Beckett didn’t care one iota. Despite knowing Cole is still out there running rampant, Beckett happily turned over her badge. After her near-death experience — and the fact that all she could think about was Castle in what could have been her final moments — it seems Beckett isn’t quite so determined to be the-cop-that-solves-Johanna-Beckett’s-murder anymore.

1. Caskett Makes Out!

Obviously, Caskett’s end-of-ep makeout sesh — their first real kiss — tops our list of shocking moments. (Although shocking may not exactly be the right word. We — and all the fans — so called this one.)

From Beckett’s sultry “I’m sorry” to Castle passionately pinning the dripping-wet detective against the wall, we couldn’t look away. Not that we’d want to.

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05.9.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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