Sammi & Ronnie on Jersey Shore: Real Romance or Sham Showmance?
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Jersey Shore

Sammi & Ronnie on Jersey Shore: Real Romance or Sham Showmance?

With just a month or two to go before Jersey Shore Season 6 starts filming, Sammi announced that she and on-again, off-again boyfriend Ronnie are back together. What a coincidence! Right...?

After a few years of watching the tumultuous saga of Sam ‘n’ Ron on season after season of Jersey Shore, we’re starting to wonder if this “romance” is actually a very conveniently timed “showmance” — a love affair that only takes place when the cameras are rolling.

SamRon even admitted that they stopped dating right after Season 5 wrapped. They were seen last month at a Yankees game together, which may have been the primer for getting back together comfortably (and believably) for the upcoming summer in Seaside.

Do you think these two just got back together for Season 6? Or do you think the timing of their breakup and makeup is just a coincidence?

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