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True Blood

Who Will Get Turned Into a Vampire Next on True Blood?

We haven't witnessed a good ol' fashioned vampire birth since Bill ate Jessica way back in True Blood season 1. What gives?

Over the past four seasons of our favorite show, only a few mortals have had the pleasure of being turned into a blood sucker, and it's definitely time for another Baby Vamp to wander the backwoods of Bon Temps.

The real question: Who will be turned next?! We have our eye on Tara, mostly because her brain is missing and it looks like the only choice is dead vs undead.

But there are a few other characters that would make great vampires. Lafayette pretty much has nothing else going for him now that he up and murdered Jesus with his split personality, and we can definitely see Terry Bellefleur rocking a set of pointy incisors!

Of course, there's one person (read: fairy princess) who we want to turn into a vamp more than anyone. Yep, Sookie "Bootylicious" Stackhouse.

Can you imagine the crazy, head-twisting fangbanging she and Eric would get up to if she was a blood sucker?! Sigh, we live in hope ....

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05.9.2012 / 11:08 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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