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Bones Star Tamara Taylor Gushes About David Boreanaz: “He’s Such A Generous, Creative, Open Director” – Exclusive

As if we needed one more reason to be completely and totally pumped about the Bones Season 7 Finale next week — lest we forget that none other David Boreanaz (Agent Seeley Booth) is directing what Bones stars are telling us will be a shocking cliffhanger!

Can’t you just hear our squees of joy?

This is great news for many reasons. Firstly, David has already directed some of our favorite Bones episodes, so we know that this big finale episode is in good hands. Second, it’s yet another chance to hear his co-stars go on and on (and on) about what a wonderful director David is — and he is!

We know because Wetpaint Entertainment cozied up to Bones star Tamara Taylor (Cam) and picked her brain (not like that, Brennan) about what it’s like when David steps behind the Bones camera.

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What was it like to have David direct the finale?
He is so great to work it just in general, but he’s such a generous, creative, open director. I think part of it is who he is, and being directed by a fellow actor is always a cool experience.

He’s directed episodes of Bones before. Do you think he felt comfortable this time?
I think he’s definitely got his sea legs now. He’s not a newbie. But it’s definitely the hardest episode of the season. You don’t want to blow this one! He was definitely under a lot of pressure, which he handled with grace.

Is it different when someone who knows the show so well directs?
It is, and it’s really nice. I should say, first of all, that we’re so fortunate to have great directors come through and for the most part we seem to have a rotation of about seven that we know, that we’ve worked with before, so the nice thing is that we have mostly worked with every director that have passed through this season. But it is definitely easier with someone who lives and breathes the show. David knows the ins and outs and every single detail, he doesn’t have to do his homework which is what most episodic directors have to do – they sit down, they cram the episodes, try to get everyone’s back story and then dive in. For David, that’s just not an issue.

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