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Game of Thrones

Breaking Down the Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 7 Preview: What Happens In the Episode?

The Game of Thrones cast and crew aren't exactly forthcoming with the spoilers, so even the most devoted book fans are left wondering what, precisely, will happen on each new episode of the hit series — especially now that the show has diverged so much from the book.

Fortunately, we do have the previews to help us out. We've closely examined the preview for Season 2, Episode 7: "A Man Without Honor" (which you can watch here). This is what we can glean about what's going down in Westeros and beyond this week.

Theon on a Hunt: Theon goes on a hunt after Bran and Rickon. He seems increasingly unstable: In one clip, he calls the chase "all just a game," and we also see him hitting Maester Luwin. Oh, Theon. This is not helping your reputation at all, at least amongst viewers.

Jaime attempts escape?: The title of this episode, "A Man Without Honor," sounds like it could be referencing Jaime, who is generally considered to be honorless in Westeros because he broke his oath and killed the Mad King. It certainly seems like he'll finally get some action this week. We see a clip of someone — it looks like the Lannister cousin who carried Robb's message to King's Landing earlier this season — offering to help Jaime after The Kingslayer says he's "not well suited for imprisonment."

War coming to King's Landing: Tyrion warns Cersei that "this war [she] started" is coming to their doorstep. Does he mean the literal war, against Stannis, or the internal rebellion of the poor and starving that we saw flare up last week? Either seems possible.

Tywin enraged: "I want them dead, every one," we see Tywin say. Who is the "them" in that sentence? Really, it could be basically anyone who's not a Lannister.

Sansa and The Hound: It looks like Sansa is having nightmares, but at least she has her new buddy, The Hound, to hang out with. He tells her "you'll be glad of the hateful things I do one day." Sounds … comforting.

Dany wants her dragons: We see Jorah beg Dany for forgiveness (perhaps because he let her home be attacked), and then we see her demand that her dragons be found. We're willing to be that's easier said than done.

Catch the episode on Sunday, May 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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