DWTS Troupe Member Henry Byalikov Talks Working With Derek Hough
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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Troupe Member Henry Byalikov Talks Working With Derek Hough

Maria Menounos wanted "Henry Mania" to start — and it has. In a Q&A with Macmaniacs.org, new Dancing With the Stars pro troupe member Henry Byalikov talked about his journey into the show, his dance and choreography experience, his appreciation of the fans and what it was like to work with Maria and Derek Hough on Season 14, Week 8’s “Trio” Bollywood routine.

Read on for excerpts from the full interview.

Working with Derek: Henry was asked which of the DWTS pros he would like to dance with, given the chance. Henry answered, “I have to say I'm so lucky because I got the opportunity to dance with one of the Pros this week, whom I’ve respected since I first saw him on the show. Derek Hough. Derek’s choreography is always so well structured and detailed that when you watch you can’t help but love his routines. Working with him for our Trio with Maria, is a dream come true. I was nervous going into it, but once I settled in the whole experience has been awesome. He was worried about the song choice we got and was not altogether sure as to the theme/story/flow of the choreography/costuming I can totally relate, since it’s week 8 and he’s done SO much already. It’s really difficult to choose the theme for the piece each week. I find it’s like a trickle down effect; once you choose it then the choreography begins to flow, the costumes become obvious and the performance takes shape.”

Growing fan base: How does he feel about the large fan base he (and his abs!) have developed so quickly? “Firstly, I can’t believe it! I am so blessed and humbled that people have taken to me this fast,” Henry answered. “It’s always so nerve racking performing to a brand new audience, constantly thinking what their reaction is going to be! Are they going to like what they’re going to see? But my first performance of this season left me with a throbbing headache as a result of my nerves. By nature I am actually quite reserved, almost to the point of being shy.”

Message to fans: What would he like to say to his supporters? “I would like for each and every fan and supporter, to know how humbled and grateful I am to have the unique opportunity to perform and connect with each and every one of you,” Henry said. “This is my life’s passion and I am honored I get to share it with you, it means a hell of a lot! I appreciate their support immensely…you give the show life and therefore you keep my dreams alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you and your families all the very best. God bless you all and stay tuned!!”

You can read the full interview at macmaniacs.org/macmusings.html, but first you’ll have to register for the site at http://www.macmaniacs.org/registration.html.

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Source: MacManiacs.org

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