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Scandal Spoilers: Tony Goldwyn Says Explosive Episode 6 Is the “Best One,” the Sex Tape Isn’t What It Seems — Exclusive

Scandal is 2012's juiciest new drama, and after just five episodes we're totally hooked and want to know more, now.

Fortunately Wetpaint Entertainment had the chance to chat with Tony Goldwyn, who plays conflicted President Fitzgerald Grant, and he dished about all the scandalous backstory you can expect to learn on tonight f
lashback heavy episode, Season 1, Episode 6: "The Trail."

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tonight’s episode (Season 1, Episode 6) seems like a good one.

Tony Goldwyn: Yeah. It's the best one, I think. It's really good.

What makes it the best?

It explodes. First, all the story lines start to totally blow over. And it's just brilliantly written and directed too. The way Shonda weaves all the plots together in this particular episode is just like five episodes of television all in one. It's really well done. And for me personally, it's just really interesting and great. The relationship between Fitz and Olivia, you go back in time into their relationship and see how they met on the campaign trail, and there's just some really great stuff. So Kerry and I have some very beautiful and intense stuff to do together.

How much is it also about your character and Cyrus and how they ended up being so close?

You see that too. It's a bit more focused on the relationship with Olivia, but Cyrus is very much a part of that. And you really come to understand the three of us as a team and how that evolved.

His relationship with his wife we've seen enough to know that it's obviously not good, and she's probably more Team Cyrus than Team Fitz. But will you two have more significant scenes together?

Oh, yeah. One of the most incredible things in this episode is the relationship with Mellie, and Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie is just so great and chilling. And she has a scene where we're on the campaign trail that will just knock your socks off. She's incredible, and you get a whole understanding of who this woman is and what the nature of the marriage is and what the problems are. She's very impressive but also really pretty unnerving.

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When you said chilling, that pretty much describes their marriage to me.

It kind of does. We really get into that in this episode. It's a very important factor in this week. And it follows up in the finale. Mellie plays very heavily in the season finale in terms of her relationship with Olivia and me and Cyrus and the whole sort of organism that's our power center.

He was obviously quite adamant that Amanda's child isn't his, and we now know that for a fact. Is that going to be explored in this episode? Why he was so sure?

Yes, and you'll find out in the next two episodes, this one and the finale you find out everything about Amanda Tanner. So that will all come clear. Fitz more clarifies what his relationship was with Amanda and what the deal was there.

You told me recently that there was a checkmate episode where you were absolutely sure that you were either going to be assassinated or fired. And then I've heard of an episode where hairbrushes were flying because the makeup girls were so unhappy with your character. What episode was that?

It was the sex tape episode. When I saw the scene where I listen to the tape, and there's a sex tape, I went “Oh, there's a tape of me and Tanner. There's no way out of this one.” Number one, it seemed clear that I did it. And I also thought, there's no way that Shonda's going to be able to redeem this character. There’s a sex tape that's going to get out there, who could survive that? And who can get beyond that? But then, nothing is what it seems. And that tape is not all that it seems to be, which again, you find that out in this episode coming up. But yeah, that was the one where I thought, “Okay, I see where they're going with this. This isn't good for me.”

Have you had that experience before with the hair and makeup team are throwing things in protest?

No. Actually. It was hilarious. Kerry's hairstylist really was so hostile towards Fitz. She was trying to be nice to me, but she couldn't even look at me. It was hysterical. And then they'd tease her about it, and she was just convinced that Fitz was a really terrible person. She obviously had some personal issues with it that influenced that. But we maybe brought her around.

Catch the episode tonight, Thursday, May 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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