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Top Revenge Quotes From Episode 20: “Vodka Tonic. Hold the Tonic”

It goes without saying that everything's more hilarious in 2002, and the quotes from this week's Revenge are no exception!

C'mon, Puff Daddy references? Pure gold.

Check out our roundup of the top 10 zingers from episode 20, "Legacy," and don't forget to blog your thoughts on LiveJournal. Or even better? DeadJournal. Sigh, 2K.

1. Emily parties like it's 2002: "Vodka tonic. Hold the tonic."

The name's Thorne, Emily Thorne.

2. Nolan gives Emily a warning: "The guy you just toilet-capped at the club could press charges."

Toilet capping: 2002's answer to shivving.

3. Emily chats up a bouncer: "I would give you $10,000 for a cigarette."

Still not worth it.

4. Emily's fellow waitress makes us LOL: "Come work Puff Daddy's white party in September, they go through $1,000 bottles like it'
s water."

Excuse you, his name is P Diddy.

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5. Lydia teases Emily: "What are you coveting, sweetie? Is it the Dolce, or what's underneath it?"

There's only one answer to that question.

6. Conrad jokes about how rich he is: "You know what my resolution was going to be this year? No more parties. They're like a hidden tax on the rich."

Sigh, it's so hard being fabulously wealthy.

7. Victoria flirts with David Clarke: "It's snowing outside, can I offer you some insulation for the cold?"

Worst pickup line ever.

8. Nolan chats up Jack: "What's up with your dad? Did he die?"

Wow Nolan, what a great conversation starter.

9. Mason bonds with Victoria: "I'm happy, too, though I would be happier if my room had an ashtray."

Apparently, 2002 was filled with chain smokers.

10. David fawns over his daughter: "You know how much I love you?"
Little Amanda: "Infinity times infinity!"

He obviously brainwashed her at a young age.

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