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What Did Roger Halsted Know About the Graysons on Revenge?

In last night’s flashback episode of Revenge, “Legacy,” we were introduced to the troubled character of Roger Halsted. Roger was a senior accountant at Grayson Global and a “true friend” to David Clarke.

Roger knew David was innocent, but was too weak and scared to expose the Graysons, so he drank heavily to cover the pain of the situation.

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When Amanda Clarke catered the Graysons New Years’ party, she confronted Roger about exposing the Graysons and making them pay for what they’d done.

But the Graysons suspected Roger as the person who sent them a threatening note, and had him murdered (though his death was made to look like a suicide).

Before his death, Roger had promised to help Amanda uncover the truth and expose the Graysons in a letter. He slipped the letter in her pocket when he pretended to fall on top of her drunk at the party.


He wrote:


Forgive me my methods, but I had to get this down before I lost my nerve. Writing this down is my way of committing to you. I will tell you everything … How your father was framed, who was involved and, most importantly how to expose them. I’ve never had the courage to do it myself, but I believe you do. Once we’re on neutral ground, I will help you. Until then, get as far away from these people as you can.


After Roger was been killed, we know that Amanda Clarke was forced to become Emily Thorne and figure out ways to destroy those involved in her father’s downfall on her own. Later that evening Amanda revealed her plan to the man who has now become her ally.

“I met a friend of his tonight,” Amanda said sobbing to Nolan on the phone. “He knew everything. He was going to help me. And now he’s dead too. And unless somebody does something about it they will never get what they deserve.”

We think Emily’s doing a pretty stand-up job of uncovering these clues on her own, but Roger’s help could have been really useful. As a senior accountant at Grayson Global, we can assume he was responsible for altering the books to hide Conrad’s guilt and to frame David Clarke.

But with Emily preparing to marry Daniel, it looks like she won’t need Roger’s inside help anymore.

What do you think Roger Halsted knew? Comment below!

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